The Den of the Destroyer

The party was rejoicing in their victory over the Elsir Consortium when they were told by Ulysses Conrad that a messenger had arrived from Brindol seeking them. The heroes learned that this messenger was Alys, an ally from Brindol, and had gone missing in the Nine Bells district. Madmartigan’s Men (and Ithyk) set out to find Alys and discover why she was here. They were able to piece together that someone (likely Sarashan) had placed an incredible price on their heads, and several rival gangs and bounty hunters were searching for them. The party encountered a elven ranger named Thorn and through him learned that the formerly powerful gang ‘The Lost Ones’ had kidnapped Alys when they learned she was seeking the party, and were holding her as bait. The heroes, aided by a lowly bandit named Bart and his friends, pretended to be captured and brought to the Lost Ones to split the reward.

In a ruined temple of Pelor, the party met the Lost Ones. Their leader, an underboss called Stygz, mocked the party and ordered that they, and Bart’s group, be killed with Alys. Moments before the fight began, Bart’s friends revealed that they were in fact doppelgangers and began attacking everyone. Initially things looked quite grim, but Madmartigan’s man (and Ithyk) were able to defeat all of their foes. Letters found on the doppelgangers confirmed that Sarashan was behind the bounty. They freed Alys and healed her wounds. She thanked the party and relayed that Sertianian of the Brindol Hall of Valor urgently needed them.

The party set out the next day, traveling straight to Brindol. On the way, they encountered a military brigade that told them they were hunting knolls in the hills. The soldiers explained that the knolls were very organized and were targeting adventures and heroes, kidnapping or murdering them specifically.

The party arrived in Brindol, and briefly met with Lord Troyas before getting to the Hall of Valor. There they met with Sertianian who explained that the platinum sword they had recovered from Sinruth had begun talking and requested for them specifically! They met with the sword, who identified itself as Amyria and needed them to help stop a murderous knoll named Fangren. Fangren had organized his tribe of knolls with the help of Sarashan and had taken control of the ancient Greystone fortress in the Giant Shield mountains. The knolls were attacking powerful heroes throughout the land in order to stop their interference in Sarashan’s plans. Amyria also warned that Fangren had been given a ritual that would allow him to become an exarch of Yeenoghu. This ritual would also destabilize the many astral portals throughout the Vale. Amyria believed that Sarashan hoped to use these portals for some sinister design. Additionally, Amyria’s awakening harked a greater plan in the design of a god, though she could not remember which one. She hoped the party would complete a ritual to allow her to manifest outside of the sword.

As the party prepared to leave the Hall of Victory, they were attacked by another group of bounty hunters. In a thrilling fight, they defeated their opponents and saved the Hall from burning to the ground. Before leaving Brindol, the party met with a half-elf adventurer named Thorn. Thorn appeared to have followed them from Overlook trying to recover property from the Lost Ones gang. The party knew nothing of this, and they left Thorn in Brindol…expecting to see him again.

Madmartigan’s Men (and Ithyk) journeyed to the hidden Greystone Fortress, and discovered the lost passageway in the Giant Shield Mountains. On the steps of the forgotten temple, the heroes faced the first of the gnoll guards and a strange spirit. They bested their foes and entered the temple. The party fought their way through a confusing teleportation trap and encountered packs of gnoll warriors throughout the fortress. In the haunted meditation room, the party fought gith ghosts corrupted by energies from the Elemental Chaos! There, they found a secret passage that allowed them to bypass a large pack of knolls and enter the ritual chamber where Fangren was attempting to open a gate to the Abyss! The party faced the gnoll warmaster, his demon bodyguard and the remains of his foul experiments with the Elemental Chaos. The fighting was brutal, but Madmartigan’s Men overcame their adversaries.

After the battle, they worked together to close the portal to the Abyss before anymore foul energy could leak into the Vale. The sword Amyria began to speak and directed the party to perform the ritual to release the spirit of the sword. They performed the ritual and the sword vanished in a flash of silvery light. Before them stood a human woman, who identified herself as the long dead pladain of Bahamut: Amyria. She had no memory of being in the sword, and asked the party to take her to Overlook so she could pray at the temple of Bahamut there. The party agreed, and left here in the ritual chamber while they cleared out the remaining gnolls.

They faced the final group of knoll warriors, lead by one of Sarashan’s shardar-kai weapon masters named Kyrion. Though Kyrion was devious, the party quickly defeated them. They found additional prisoners that Fangren was keeping for his experiments and freed them. As the heroes made their way out of the great fortress, Thorn appeared and revealed he was another bounty hunter seeking the reward on the party’s heads. The party defeated Thorn and left the Greystone Fortress.

The Den of the Destroyer

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