The Alliance with Nefleus

The victory over Telicanthus had given the fledgling Coalition the a needed advantage against the githyanki forces. While the forces of good were maneuvering against their adversaries, the heroes were sent with Amaryia to Nefleus, where the island nation had been locked away by a great ring of ice.

After preparing for their journey, the party boarded the ship Rivenroar’s Pride and set sail. After many days of travel on a tropical sea, they face a drastic change in weather as the ship struck the ice ring. While the ship was slowly breaking through the ice, a large group of frost giants prepared to attack the ship! The Heroes of the Vale wasted no time in meeting the giants on the snowy plain and the battle was joined. Having faced beasts such as these before, the party was able to quickly overcome them and save the ship. Rivenroar’s Pride cracked past the massive ice flow and sailed on.

The beautiful island of Nefleus had indeed been surrounded by a magical winter that was encroaching ever closer. The party met with the Deva Thraxinium counsel, finding them taxed to their limits in holding the bitter cold at bay. Bejam, a Deva inventor, explained that several weeks prior, a gigantic iceberg arrived in the warm seas. Within hours, and powerful and magical cold emanated from it. This cold formed a massive ice ring that had cut off the island nation from the rest of the world. No doubt the frost giants and saughin came from this iceberg. The deva mages had hypothesized that a legendary artifact called the Seed of Winter was in play. The Seed’s power, being modified by 13 magic mirrors recently stolen from the island nation, may be responsible for the cold. The Thraxinium offered to join the Coalition if the Heroes of the Vale saved them from this terrible cold. The heroes readily agreed.

The party used stealth and gnomish machines to travel under the sea to the iceberg. On surfacing in the lower levels, the party was met by a large group of saughin that had been changed by the frost. That fight was going well, until a nearby Behir was altered to the battle and joined the fray. Still, the raiders and the lizard beast couldn’t stand against Madmartgan’s Men and Iythyk.

The heroes continued on through the fortress of Icehome, and faced the leader of the frost-touched saughin raiders: Xeghluin. He was protected by bodyguards and summoned aid from an ice-touched Beholder. The Beholder awakened nearby elemental monsters and a huge melee began. Even against such powerful foes, Madmartgan’s Men defeated all opponents and charged forward.

In the upper levels of the ice fortress, the Men met the leader of the frost giants who had been terrorizing Nefleus: Nara of the Frozen Wastes. Once the quick banter between the two groups finished, the party made short work of the giants and charged on to face the Chillreaver.

In the massive upper level of the fortress, the party met Chillreveaer, a massive two-headed white dragon. The wyrm tempted the party with death, and then offered temptation when that was scoffed by the heroes. The beast announced that it was the White Exarch of Tiamat. Unimpressed, Madmartagan’s Men and Iythyk attacked the dragon. Chillreaver was very powerful, but even he could not stand against the might of the heroes. Following Chillreaver’s destruction, the heroes sacked the dragon’s horde and made a thrilling escape out of the collapsing ice fortress.

Returning to Nefleus, the heroes were cheered for their victory. Nefleus was now in the fold and joined the Coalition, greatly increasing its power. The party then returned to Sayre to plan the next phase of the war.

The Alliance with Nefleus

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