Garaitha's Anvil

With the gaining of Nefleus’s assistance in the war, the Coalition had been able to fight back against the invading Githyanki forces. With the combination of the new troops and the use of the Bitter Glass, the Coalition repelled all assaults into the Elisir Vale. Sadly, the rest of the world had not fared as well. If the Coalition could not find a way to turn the tide of the war, the plane would still fall.

Complicating matters, the Coalition’s use of the Bitter Glass was discovered and stopped. Tensions increased as the forces of good were once again against a vastly more powerful force. In desperation, the Coalition designed a desperate plan. One of the last communications intercepted through the Bitter Glass told of a githyanki strike force taking a strange interest in a forgotten githyanki temple in the northeast. Determining that this must be of importance, the Coalition asked Madmartigan’s Men and Ithyk to journey to the temple and discover what was so important to the githyanki.

The heroes were teleported to the temple by Fariex and climbed to the entrance of the mountain fortress. Once inside they found that the githyanki strike team had already made their way through the temple’s defenses. They discovered that the gith were still in the temple, and fought a group of sentries. After defeating these soldiers, the party explored more of the temple. It appeared that the Temple was called “Chandir” and they held some reverence to the former Queen of the Gith. Kage the Black mused that perhaps there was some kind of power struggle related to the Emperor’s usurpation.

The heroes moved into the former training hall of the Temple of Chandir, and discovered a group of githyanki with two huge formorian painbringers. Their enemies appeared to be guarding (and torturing) a group of githyanki prisoners. Madmartigan’s Men and Ithyk charged forward and a brutal fight occurred. But, even against the formidable enemies, the heroes were triumphant as always.

In questioning the githyanki prisoner leader Talanee, the heroes learned that the Temple of Chandir was a stronghold protecting the last World Gate. The World gates were teleportation circles of epic power and could allow teleportation across the planes. This Gate was hidden from the githyanki once Queen Vlaakith was killed. Talanee spoke of the “Well of the Worlds” a teleportation matrix that connected dozens of portals across the plans. This Well was in control of the githyanki forces loyal to Emperor Zetch’r’r, and if they could merge the World Gate with the Well of the Worlds, the githyanki could teleport anywhere in the multiverse.

Faced with this new threat, the heroes freed the prisoners and rushed to the center of the Temple. At the World Gate, they faced the remaining githyanki warriors, killing them all and taking control of the Gate. The party allowed the githyanki prisoners to leave through the portal once they explained how to use the device. The heroes summoned aid from the Coalition. Bejam and a handful of powerful heroes arrived and secured the Temple. Bejam was able to discover how to use the World Gate and suggested that the heroes breach the teleport to the Well of the Worlds and seize control of the portal network for the Coalition.

The heroes eagerly accepted the mission and were mystically transported to the Sovereign Gate in the Well of the Worlds. On arrival, they were immediately attacked by the Gate guardian. After defeating this astral shade, the heroes moved deeper into the complex. They encountered eldritch giants that were controlling the various energy wells throughout the complex.

They fought through the Well of the Worlds and arrived at the main control portal for the complex. The magical control system was protected by an eldritch giant named Hassryan. Hassryan warned the heroes to leave, but they were defiant. Immediately, a powerful githyanki guardian spirit attacked the party. The heroes defeated the shade and freed Hassryan from his servitude to the gith.

The giant explained the workings of the Well to Verne and said that if the heroes could get one of the crystal keys that controlled the Well, they could stop the gith from using the teleportation system. Better still, they could use the Well of the Worlds webway for themselves! Only three keys were known to the world, with the fourth being destroyed with Queen Vlaakith CLVII. One key was held by Emperor Zetch’r’r, one by Grand Marshal Cy’zarr and one by Grand Admiral Kada’ne. They decided the Admiral was the best target and began planning their assault on Garaitha’s Anvil: the main mooring for the Githyanki Astral Fleet.

At the Well of the Worlds, over 100 heroes from the material plane gathered to fight the githyanki. They would lead a frontal assault on the Anvil, giving a needed distraction for Madmartigan’s Men (and Ithyk) to teleport deep within the port and attack Admrial Kada’ne. Many would fall, but the reward would be seizing control of the teleportation system and destroying the githyanki fleet.

Once prepared, the heroes teleported to the southern mooring while the Hundred Heroes attacked the front gate. The heroes were greeted by a large group of githyanki warriors protecting the lower ships. A brutal fight was waged, but all opponents fell to the party. Using cunning and skill, the heroes advanced through the gith fortress and came to the northern gate of the Anvil. Beyond the gate was the Admiral, but before the party could reach him they had to defeat the defenders. The gate was manned by a large group of githyanki and fire giants. This proved to be another difficult fight, but nothing could stand between the Men and victory.

After bypassing the dock gate, little stood between the heroes and the Admiral. No doubt sensing the danger, Admiral Kada’ne was preparing his ship Cer’vene to flee into the astral portal above the dock. Realizing that the ship would take flight before they could reach it, the party decided to assault a nearby astral warship Ileethe. The heroes were able to seize the skiff from her brutal pirate crew and took flight to catch Kada’ne.

The heroes took flight in Ileethe and raced upwards to where the Cer’vene was attempting to pass the astral gate that had opened above the battlefield. Using cunning and magical skill, the heroes were able to close in on their prey. The gith dragonriders that set off to stop them were no match for the characters and Madmarigan’s Men were able to lock onto Admiral Kada’ne’s ship and board her.

They were immediately attacked by the crew and their captain. The heroes cut through scores of gith pirates to engage the Admiral, and faced the powerful foe with courage. It was a thrilling fight, with the raging battlefield below and the swirling vortex above! In the end, Admiral Kada’ne was defeated and the heroes were able to get the Astral Key.

Even with this victory, the ending was uncertain. With both ships locked together, there was no way to disengage and descend. As a result, both gith ships, with our heroes aboard, were sucked up into the astral portal!

Garaitha's Anvil

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