Scales of War

Madmartigan's Journal: Book 3, page 11

In which Madmartigan correctly uses the word "metaphor"

So we’ve saved Bahamut’s life twice now. I think we get some kind of medal if we do it a third time. I suppose the first time might not count since he was already dead, but don’t fucking split hairs with me. I saved a god’s life twice.
Also me and the Men & Ithyk totally embarrassed a couple more of Tiamat’s exarchs. I think we’re going to run out of powerful dragons to jam my spear into eventually. That wasn’t a metaphor.
Anywho, we saved big B again, broke Tiamat’s armies and then laughed as the good guys kicked major ass.
Then we had some tasty cakes and talked about heading to her lair to put her down. My spear throbbed with desire at this thought. That wasn’t a metaphor, either.
Yes it was.



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