Scales of War

The Way of the Bat: Justice Tempered in Darkness – Chapter 6, Part: 2 (EXCERPTS)

We fought our way towards the area where the Separatists had barricaded themselves. As we approached the wall we were met by some of the Emperor’s more experienced soldiers. They tried to threaten and demoralize us, but their words lacked any sting. Tired of dragging out the inevitable, we rushed into battle. The soldiers were more seasoned than many of the githyanki we had fought along the way, but they still fell before the might of Madmartigan’s Men and Ithyk.

During the battle with the Emperor’s soldiers, some of the Separatists had gathered atop the barricade to watch the fight. As they continued to watch us while we walked towards them, they had a great view of an even more dramatic show.

We were still a few dozen feet from the barricade when there was an explosive flash of light. As our eyes refocused we were standing before several devils who were accompanied by angels in the service of Tiamat. The devils were Lord Dispater’s personal guard. Dispater sent an aspect of himself to collect Gith and punish us for taking her from his tower. The Separatists atop the barricade did not hide their shock and fear of Dispater’s entourage, but we are Madmartgan’s Men, and while some of us may have felt a bit more reticence than we have in a long time, we all stood strong.

The devils and Tiamat’s angels were a lot more to handle than the Emperor’s guard. I flew into the group and started dashing between them. I started pummeling them as quickly as I possibly could. Ithyk, Tzolek, and Madmartigan rushed the front line while I darted around the back of the group. Kage and Verne were helping us maintain control of the fight and soon we started taking down devils and angels one by one. After several heated moments, no one stood between us and the barricade.

One thing is for sure, the Separatists will definitely listen to whatever we have to say after seeing that fight.



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