Unlikely Allies

After being drawn into the astral portal above Garaitha’s Anvil, the party found themselves in a swirling astral storm. For the beginning of their journey, they were clearly rising at great speed, but at some point that changed and their twin ships were crashing to some unknown plane.

As they raced toward the ground, the heroes became aware of a change in the world. This plane was dark and heat blasted offering little in way of shelter. Though they were able to slow their descent, the twin ships crashed into a canon underneath the glowing red sky. Kage the Black quickly recognized this place as the Plane of Dis, the Third Layer of the Nine Hells!

They began searching the hips to see the extent of the damage. After the assessment, the party concluded that it may take weeks to make one of the ships operational. This was disheartening news, as the remainder of the Coalition forces were waiting for their delivery of the Astral Key to begin their final assault on the githyanki.

It was at this point that Tzolek discovered a familiar face had snuck on the ship. The being identified himself as a devil that had an offer for Madmartigan’s Men (and Ithyk). The devil offered to fix both of the ships and possible other gifts. In return, the party would need to free the ancient queen of the githyanki: Gith herself. Gith had been long imprisoned in the Iron City of Dis in Lord Dispater’s Tower. Freeing Gith would also be beneficial to the efforts of the Coalaition, as it would almost certainly spark a civil war that would destabilize the Emperor. Faced with little other option, the party agreed to the devil’s terms.

The next day, the devil returned and described the plan. The Iron Tower of Dis was the most impenetrable fortress in the multiverse, with the vile prisoners kept there the first defense of the tower. Luckily, Dispater had decided to hide Gith in plain sight and kept her locked in an unmarked cell in the lower levels. The party could fight their way to her cell, free her and then teleport to their ships before DIspater would be able to stop them. To get to the lower levels unnoticed, the party would have to journey across the Burning Sea and face the fire giants that were imprisoned there. The devil granted the party wings of shadow and ice to fly over the lava and teleported them to the lake.

Flying high above the burning earth, the heroes spied the gignatic tower of Dis. While flying through the soot choked sky, they were attacked by orbs of lava. Though these opponents were very dangerous, the party was able to destroy them. As they landed on the obsidian shore, the party was again attacked this time by flame elementals. These creatures were also defeated and they were able to enter the cave of Snurre.

Kage the Black recalled a tale of a cruel fire giant King named Snurre that terrorized the southern planes centuries before. The King was truly wicked and slaughtered or enslaved thousands. In the end, he was killed by a group of heroes and cast into the underworld. It now appeared that Snurre had found his final punishment in the Iron Tower. The King and his retinue were in the cave and blocking the passage to the lower prison. The giant King, filled with pain and rage, attacked the party immediately. Working together, Madmartigan’s Men and Ithyk destroyed the King and journeyed deeper into the Tower.

Their path was blocked by brass golem guardians but Madmartigan’s Men pushed through. In the lower levels they found massive hall filled with the lost and the damned. They saw unspeakable suffering as the inmates of the lower tower preyed on each other. Even surrounded by this horror, the heroes were not stopped as they approached the massive brass gate to the south.

At the gate, the players faced a devil necormancer and his undead retinue. The foul imp had reanimated a balor, long defeated by Dispater and bound to his service. The devil mocked that all their trials hadn’t even gotten them into the main prison, but the Men where unswayed. The heroes quickly destroyed the undead monsters and reached the gate. Verne unlocked the massive door with but a wave of his hand, stunning all his companions. Afterwards, the party entered the prison.

They found the great Prison of the Iron Tower to be a maze-like city with tall towers locking away specific entities for eternal torture! The party encountered a devil guard patrol and quickly destroyed them. They continued on searching for a lone, unmarked cell that they knew would contain Gith. After searching frantically, they decided that the Warden of the Prison would likely offer some clue about the location of the hidden cell. They journeyed through the terrible dungeon, and located the pit fiend Warden.

The Warden did not immediately know the location of GIth’s cell, but Verne monitored his thoughts and the fiend clearly remembered a hidden room within his very chamber that he was told to avoid at all costs. This information proved to be the clue the party needed. A terrible battle ensued, but Madmartigan’s Men and Ithyk were able to destroy the foul devil and his hellish bodyguard.

After this victory, the party then uncovered the hidden cell within the Warden’s chamber. Inside they found Gith, encased in magical glass, as she had been preserved for two thousand years. The party sized the glass case and teleported away using their devil patron’s magic to escape.

The heroes found themselves on their newly repaired airship with their patron waiting for them. The glass case that held Gith was apparently indestructible, but the devil shattered it with ease. Gith fell into a deep sleep once she was freed, with the devil explaining that she would regain her facilities soon. He explained that Dispater knew of the party’s theft and was certain to pursue them. He urged them take flight for Tu’narath, where the forces of the Coalition where fighting the githyanki army. He noted that the githyanki Separatists had not yet connected with the Coaltiion. With Gith on the Coalition’s side, the Separatists were expected to join the cause.

With their prize, the heroes fled from the planes of Baa’tor while the forces of Dispater chased after them!

Unlikely Allies

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