Uneasy Peace

The heroes spent the weeks after General Zithiruun’s attack reveling in their victory as well as discovering new skills and abilities granted to them by the sources of their respective powers.

This rest was short lived, and the heroes of Overlook were called upon once more. The Elder Council of Overlook had learned that the remenants of General Zithiruun’s army had merged with the giant tribe of Koruz. Koruz’s tribe long controlled the valley next to the Vale Perch Mountain and was well protected by his alliance with Antharosk and his mate Calaunxin— a mated pair of green dragons that roosted on the mountain. The agreement to aid each other in event of attack made the two groups incredibly difficult to face, but thankfully they were isolated and did not leave the valley. With an influx of followers, Koruz was now rumored to be planning raids on the weakened city of Overlook. The Elders of Overlook tasked the party with slaying the two dragons and fighting their way through the tunnels in the mountain. Then they could join the assault on the giants.

The heores readily agreed and raced ahead of the City Guard to Vale Perch Mountain. Working together in a well coordinated march, the party reached the summit peak of the mountain before the Guard started their attack. Antharosk and Calaunxin were enraged at the party’s intrusion and immediately attacked the heroes. With incredible skill, Madmartegan’s Men (and Ithyk) slew both of the fell beasts and quickly rushed into the tunnels through the mountain. While there they encountered old foe Hethralga and her undead bodyguard. She proved no match for the heroes and was quickly defeated.

Continuing further down the tunnel, the heroes encountered a pool of elemental blood chaos. The party was familiar with this strange substance, knowing that it had welled up from the Elemental Chaos and must be linked to the presence of the githyanki. The group observed several elementals, including a Scion of the Primordials, digging into the earth and expanding the blood Chaos. The Men (and Ithyk) attacked the elementals in order to halt their progress. Even the mighty Scion was no match for the heroes.

They emerged from the side of the Vale Perch and observed a battle two hundred feet below. The High Guard of Overlook was fighting the githyanki and their new giant allies. Chief Koruz was directing the attacks from the rear with his bodyguard protecting him. Seeing their target, Madmartegan’s Men and Ithyk scrambled down the side of the mountain and rushed to fight the giant Chief. In a brutal fight, Koruz used ice magic while his bodyguard hammered the heroes with stone clubs. But in the end, the giants were defeated by the party.

The aftermath resulted in most of the githyanki forces dead. A handful of giants and ogres surrendered to the heroes and were brought back to Overlook to aid in rebuilding the Walls of the City.

Uneasy Peace

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