Those Once Loyal

After their recovery of the Arrow of Fate, the heroes arrived at Sayre to research what to do next. Unfortunately, Amyria had taken a turn for the worse; drifting in and out of consciousness and experiencing frequent seizures. The vast library of Sayre was of little help and Bejen advised the party to depart and head to Celestia. The fabled plane was likely their ultimate destination anyway to face Dakranad, and the plane’s city of Jusor was renowned for its healing knowledge.

The party carried Amyria to their awaiting airship and prepared to set sail, but they were epically interrupted. A howl sprang from the sky and the heroes saw a throng of mystic warriors racing through the heavens towards them! The group landed in front of Madmaritgan’s Men and Ithyk, with its leader announcing himself as the Erlking—the Master of the Wild Hunt. The Master of the Hunt had set out to slay the renowned warriors and challenged them to brutal combat. The fight was vicious, but even the Master of the Hunt fell to the party.

With that distraction dealt with, the party continued on their path towards Celestia. Verne utilized a powerful ritual to traverse the Astral Sea and arrived at the mountainous home of the gods. They made their way to Jusor, the City of Healing to discover how to aid Amyria and how to resurrect Bahamut. Amyria was taken by the mystical attendants of the city and the party met an old friend: the dwarf Kalad! Kalad explained that after his unfortunate death, he had been exalted by Moradin to serve in the city. The party rejoiced that this news and joined their old friend in researching the solution they sought.

They discovered that Bahamut had foreseen his death, and prior to it he imbued a vessel with a part of his divine power. This vessel was the platinum sword that the party had found years ago in Rivenroar, and from that sword they had rebirthed Amyria! This meant that Bahamut’s mantle laid within their friend, and since his death is was trying to free itself. Unfortunately, if this continued, Amyria would be killed and the Mantle would be destroyed. The heroes learned that they needed to acquire the Creation Spark, Moradin’s energy, and bring the Spark and Amyria across the fabled Bridge of Al-Sihal. Only then could Bahamut be reborn properly.

The party realized that almost certainly, Dakranad sough the Spark and the Mantle to claim the god’s power, and were not surprised when their research was interrupted by a large strike force made up of elder silver dragons, Bahamut angels and devils! The party convinced the angels that they had been duped, and then fought against the traitorous dragons and vile devils. Madmaritgan’s Men and Ithyk punished these betrayers and returned to get Amyria. They discovered that during the battle, a group of devils had stolen their friend! No doubt, Amyria lay in the Mithral Dragon’s clutches, they knew they had to find her and stop Dakranad at all costs.

Following the kidnapping of Amyria, the party took flight to raid the Platnium Palace of Bahamut. They found the palace filled with devils and a few remaining, misguided angels of Bahamut. The party spared the angels and destroyed the foul devils on their path to recover Amyria . The came to the main audience chamber of the palace and found a ghastly sight: the seven gold dragon priests of Bahamut lay murdered on the cold stone floor. Seeing the depths of depravity that Dakranad had sunk to, the party recovered their resolve to end the betrayer.

In the main treasure hall of the Palace, Madmartigan’s Men and Ithyk discovered Dispater and his body guards plundering the hall. Dispater mocked the party, marveling at his grand scheme to turn Dakranad against Bahamut, slay the god’s dragon priests and stop his resurrection. The party retorted that his plan had yet to succeed and demanded he flee with his life. The Lord of Dis had lost too much to the party’s meddling and refused. A terrible melee erupted in the hall, but the fury of the party was so great that Dispater was defeated long before he could extract his vengeance. The Lord of Dis fell and the heroes left to recover Amyria.

After defeating Dispater once more, the party raced to Moradin’s Forge located on the sixth peak of the Celestia mountain range. Moradin’s grand city was craved into the stone of the mountain itself, a massive fortress with countless halls and rooms. Above the fortress, Moradin’s holy Forge lay at the summit, a temple craved into the mountain peak in the shape of a dwarven face.

As the party made their way through the Forge entrance, they encountered an unlikely guardian: a storm titan. The titan had been defeated by Moradin in the Dawn War and, in exchange for its life, it offered to serve the god for all time. The titan was to stop any interlopers from entering the Forge. Remarkably, Madmartigan’s Men and Ithyk were able to convince the titan to stand aside, citing their quest to protect Mordain from Tiamiat.

The party was not so lucky deeper in the temple. They encountered a mythical hydra known as Morgoul the Undying, a foul creature that sent many epic heroes to their deaths. The hydra was mad with rage and laired in the temple, another guardian Mordain had left behind. The party quickly defeated this monster and, with the exception of a few construct guardians and exalted, found the rest of the temple deserted. Evidently, Mordain had taken most of his servants with him to the moot with the other gods.

The party arrived in the holy Forgeworks of Mordain, and met the powerful aspect of the god. The Aspect, effectively Mordain himself, noted that the party was noble in their quest but believed that they had been deceived. The party was able to successfully argue that Dakranad was the one that had been deceived and corrupted by Dispater, and now he sought to destroy Bahamut once and for all. The Aspect was enraged, explaining that he had been duped by Dakranad who had hoped the party would be destroyed. The Aspect than gave the party the Creation Spark, and wished them good luck in their battle against Dakranad.

The party then raced to the fabled Bridge of Al-Sihal, a massive stone bridge that stretched from the top of the seventh peak of Celestia into a blazing curtain of golden fire. In front of the curtain, a massive angel stood guard with a golden flaming sword, barring any from passing through the curtain. Before the angel, a massive shinning dragon argued with the angel. The dragon turned his attention to the party, revealing himself to be the mithril dragon Dakranad. At his feet, Amyria lay unconscious and barely clinging to life. Dakranad demanded that the party give him the creation spark so that he could take Bahamut’s place and “save the world”.

The party was having none of it and attacked the former prophet of Bahamut. The angel guardian attacked the dragon as it came to close to the curtain, but otherwise stayed out of the melee. The party’s rage over how Dakranad had betrayed his god, his kin and his friends infused the party with righteous strength. Even the great and powerful dragon could not possibly stand against the Men and he was slain. The party then faced the guardian angel, hoping to avoid a terrible conflict with a loyal host of Bahamut. They were able to convince the angel that they were doing Bahamut’s work, and were nearly successful in his resurrection. The angel withdrew and allowed the party to continue.

The party awoke Amyria with the Creation Spark, which rejuvenated her and cleared her mind. She explained that she now knew that Bahamut had placed his essence within her as a contingency and now her purpose was to carry the Creation Spark through the curtain. This would allow Bahamut to be reborn from her life essence. This sacrifice would allow Bahamut to return to the world and launch his final attack against his terrible sister. Overcome with emotion, the party bid their old friend farewell and she stepped through the curtain.

A moment later Bahamut stepped through the curtain whole once more. The god thanked the party for supporting Amryia and fighting so hard to return him to life. He asked them to aid him once more in destroying Tiamat. For this, the party needed no convincing!

Those Once Loyal

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