The Tyranny of Dragons

The heroes left the fiendish plane and started to sail on the Astral Sea. Utilizing the knowledge of their githyanki captive, they quickly made their way to the city fortress of Tu’narath. The massive and strange city rushed into view and the party saw that the entire citadel was locked in vicious combat.

The party determined that the Coalition forces where locked in battle in the southern district of Tu’narath while the Separatists were pinned down in the central district. They decided to aid the Separatists and free them. They would then rally the githyanki with the presence of Gith and attack the githyanki forces from the flank.

The skies were engulfed with combat, and the party maneuvered through multiple arcane explosions and repelled numerous dragon attacks. They destroyed an enemy battle skiff and crushed a battalion of githyanki warriors with their landing. Disembarking from their ship, the party immediately faced elite githyanki troops and red dragon knights. All of these foes fell to Madmartigan’s Men and Ithyk.

As the heroes approached the Separatist barricade, they were assaulted by an elite cadre of githyanki warriors. These gith taunted the party and told them how the Emperor would crush them as he had crushed the vile Lich Queen. The party was unmoved and slew these warriors. No sooner had they finished with these foes, there was a flash of light and a group of devils and angels of Tiamat appeared before them. This group was the personal bodyguard of Dispater himself! The Devil Prince had sent an aspect of himself to reclaim Gith. They party refused to back down and a thrilling battle took place. Even this powerful foe was destroyed and Madmartigan’s Men continued on to the barricade.

The party approached the Separatist’s barricade expecting another fight, but the githyanki monk Talanee was with the Separatists and vouched for the party. Gith awakened once they entered the barricade, and after a moment of disorientation, identified herself as the first leader of the gith people. The Separatists bowed to her and agreed to unify with the Coalition forces in order to stop the Emperor.

The party sent word to the Coalition and Fariex arrived with several other Coalition leaders. Grim news came with them that Lord Torrence and Kalad had fallen in the fighting. Amyria had remained behind to tend to the wounded. The two groups met to discuss the final stages of the war. Gith explained that the Emperor had killed the Lich Queen decades earlier, only to enslave the githyanki under the lash of Tiamat. She wanted to free the githyanki and reunite with the githzerai people. She pledged the party to assassinate the Emperor while the united forces of the Separatists and Coalition tried to defeat the Loyalist forces with the fewest casualties. The party eagerly accepted the challenge, and were teleported by Fariex to the destroyed citadel of the Lich Queen.

The Emperor had built his Chromatic Fortress atop the ruins of the Lich Queen’s court, providing a forgotten passageway up to this throne room. The party appeared in the hall of the dead queen, but found it inhabited by foul creatures. Undead wights and a dracolich waited for them, and they were subservant to the reanimated spine of the Lich Queen. A disemobided voice came from the spine and it warned the party to retreat. Not deterred in the slightest, the heroes attacked the demilich and her minions. The fight was terrible, one of the worst the party had faced, but in the end they defeated the Lich Queen and her minions.

Having defeated the demilich Vlaakith and her undead dragon mount, Madmartigan’s Men (and Ithyk) breached the lower fortifications of the Chromatic Fortress and made their final assault on the Emperor’s Tower while the battle raged below them.

In the throne room, the party encountered the Emperor’s praetorian guard of githyanki warriors, elite gith throat cutters, an undead fire mage and the Emperor’s captain. They vowed to stop the party at all costs and attacked them viciously. The githyanki inflicted serious wounds on the party, but they fell before the Men like all other foes.

The heroes made their way up the tower’s staircase. On the way they waved their banner from the windows to the cheers of their allies below. While they were ascending, the party over heard a booming voice mocking Emperor Zetch’r’r that he had better stop the party or else face the wrath of Tiamat. On reaching the top of the tower, the heroes met saw their foes. The Emperor stood clad in inky black armor and wielded a large silver sword in one hand. In his other hand, the Emperor held the specter of Ephelomon, the artificat that the githyanki queens used to enforce their ancient pact with dragons. Surrounding the Emperor were a half dozen blind warrior githyanki women, poised to fight to the death. The party also found the source of the thunderous voice they had heard earlier: above the Emperor was a massive red dragon glowing red heat. The beast was Vraxanault, the Red Dragon Exarch of Tiamat!

The Emperor demanded that the party bow to him, and was furious at their mocking reply. Vraxanault offered the party a place with Tiamat if they would stop their assault, but the heroes would not yield. During the dialogue, Thanoril quickly studied the Emperor’s specter and determined that it no longer held any power over the dragon. As the battle began, Thanoril told Vraxanault this, prompting the dragon to begin attacking both sides. Thanoril Elseweyrslew all of the githyanki handmaidens in a single move while Madmartigan and Ithyk engaged the Emperor. For all his arrogance and power, Emperor Zetch’r’r fell without so much as attacking. With him dead, the party focused on the Exarch. A hard fight was fought, but in the end the Red Exarch of Tiamat was defeated.

Following the defeat of the Emperor, the loyalist githyanki forces quickly surrendered to the Separatists led by Gith. Hours later, the fighting had ceased and Gith assumed control of the city backed by the Coalition and the Separatists. Gith met with the elder red dragons that had been enslaved by the Emperor and feed them from their bondage. The dragons left the city, offering no retaliation for their suffrage, but warned of future issues with the githyanki.

Gith met with the party and offered her thanks for saving her people. Ordos and her had agreed to end the conflict dividing their people and unite once more. Madmartigan gave Gith the specter of Ephelomon, and she promised the heroes that they would always have a safe haven in Tu’narath.

With the Emperor defeated and the githyanki freed, the war across the planes was finally over! The gith needed to rebuild their nation and refocus their efforts against their mind flayer foes. The Coalition quickly disbanded in order to focus on rebuilding the cities of the material realm.

Madmartigan’s Men (and Ithyk) settled into a well-deserved rest. But before they departed, Amryia warned the heroes that she sensed that the war was simply a diversion for a darker scheme by Tiamat.

The Tyranny of Dragons

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