The Temple Between

The party returned to Overlook to find a relaxed city and were warmly welcomed by the populace as the Heroes of Overlook. Rumors speculated that recent divinations by the clergy of Overlook promised peace for the next season and the city was in celebration. The heroes spent several days relaxing and enjoying their fame, when one night they all experienced the same dream. This dream turned out to be a message from Lavinya, one of the priestesses of Erathis in Overlook. The message was hazy, but she implored the party to help her. Once the heroes awoke, they journeyed to the Nine Bells district and found Lavinya. She told them that her friend Haelyn, another priestess of Erathis, had gone missing from her temple in the Blister. In Haelyn’s stead, a drawf priest named Grovald had taken over her duties. Grovland claimed that Haelyn had journeyed on a quest and was not expected to return anytime soon. When Lavinya sought help from her other friends in the local temples, she found her colleagues aloof to her plight. She even sought aid from a Captain of the Guard name Ahruen, but found him indifferent. She had sought out the party for aid at once.

The heroes took up the charge to find Haelyn and discover what was happening. They began locating contacts, including Ulysses Conrad and their friend Bart as well as investigating Haelyn’s temple. From this information they learned that many of the priests of the city were acting strangely and it was very unlikely that Haelyn had simply left the city without saying goodbye. They identified that Grovald was likely an agent of sinister powers, as was the Matron of the Temple to the Raven Queen, Captain Ahruen of the High Guard and Priest Krystis of the Temple of Ioun. They also learned the High Priest Durkik of the Temple of Moradin had ordered massive excavations in the Stone Anvil Temple. Kage the Black and Verne deduced that the Stone Anvil Temple was built on top of the ruins of the ancient Mountainroot Temple and that a ley line ran through that location…meaning that it may hold a portal to the Astral Sea. There was a fear that a transdimensional foe, like the githyanki could be planning an attack on Overlook. The party raced to confront Grovald to uncover more clues, where they found a group of rogues planning their next move. They overheard the name General Zithiruun before they kicked down the door and confronted Grovald!

Grovald was guarded by doppelganger and shardar-kai warriors, but the party quickly dispatched all of them. They spared Grovald in exchange for information about the plot against Overlook. Grovald explained that doppelganger spies had murdered and replaced several priests and important people in the city of Overlook in order to lull the populace into a false sense of security. Also, githyanki psychics had possessed other influential people. Attempts to possess High Priest Durkik had failed, but he had been kidnapped and was being tortured for information about entering the forgotten Mountain Root Temple underneath Overlook. The Temple contained a portal to the Astral Sea and General Zithirunn was to use this portal to launch a surprise attack on Overlook. Sarashan’s forces were helping the General in an attempt to take over the city!

Armed with this information, Madmartigan’s men and Ithyk investigated Durkik’s kidnapping and discovered that he was being held in the very warehouse that Thanoril had discovered in their previous investigation of the Happy Beggar. They found the warehouse crawling with Sarashan’s men and the remains of the Lost Ones guild. The heroes fought the conspirators and felled all of them. They found Durkik bound in a terrible trap, but were able to disengage it before it killed the dwarf priest. Durkik thanked the party and led them to the recently excavated portal that led to the Mountain Root Temple. Before passing through the portal, they were warned that the “Caretaker of the Temple” had gone mad long ago, and they would be unable to return through this portal. Durkik tasked the party with recovering the ancient tome The Incunabulum Primeval. Accepting this additional quest, the party answered a difficult riddle in order to activate the portal and passed through into the Mountain Root Temple.

In the ancient, ruined temple, the party discovered fey forces in league with General Zithirunn. They fought through many rooms before entering the massive hall at the center of the temple. There it appeared that the troll thugs of General Zithirunn and the fey mercenaries of Sarashan were starting to quarrel. Not ones to pass up battle, the heroes challenged both groups to combat and a massive melee began! The fight was brutal but Madmartigan’s Men and Ithyk overcame the trolls and fey. Exhausted by the combat, the heroes ventured into the Reliquary and faced the remainder of the General’s rearguard atop a massive crystal platform. They slew their foes and shut down the corrupted Caretaker of Mountain Root Temple. The heroes discovered a wealth of treasure in the room, as well as a portal to the awe-inspiring Astral Sea. They also discovered that the Incunabulum Primeval had been taken from the Reliquary recently and they pressed after their last group of adversaries.

The heroes found their quarry, the remaining Sarashan mercenaries lead by the vile hag Hethralga. Hethralga was seeking an escape from the Temple with the Incunabulum, but her retreat was cut off by the heroes. Madmartigan sued for peace and would allow the witch to depart, as long as she surrendered the Incunabulum. The hag agreed and departed from the temple, but before she left she initated a collapse of the tunnel the heroes were in! With quick thinking, the party was able to rescue the ancient tome and escape the cave-in unscathed. Hethralge had escaped and Madmartigan mused that they would certainly see her again. Together, the heroes left the temple.

On their return to Overlook, the party immediately journeyed to the Elder Council and described what they had seen. They pleaded with the Elders to recognize the gith threat that would soon attack Overlook. Presenting their evidence, and adding a bit of frightening facts to their tale, Madmartigan’s Men and Ithyk were able to convince the Council to take General Zithirunn’s attack seriously. They departed to join the preparations for the coming assault!

The Temple Between

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