The Last Breath of Tiamat

After days of skirmishes in the City of Brass, the reaming forces of Tiamat had been rooted or destroyed. The party barely had time to rest before being summoned by Bahamut once more. The dragon god greeted the party in his temporary stronghold in the City of Brass, where he told them that it was time for the final blow to be struck against the Dark Queen.

Bahamut explained that Tiamat had over half of her grand army, with the remaining forces now scattered and fleeing. Her treachery was such that she did not create true loyalty in her minions: many had abandoned her cause. Bahamut explained that his spies in Thytherion said that less than a handful of servants remained to protect their enemy. Bahamut feared that if he marched his exhausted army against Thytherion, he would anger Zheir, the God of Darkness, to join her cause or rally Timat’s remaining forces. Instead, he wanted the party to march into the Cavern of Fiery Splendor and destroy the Dragon Queen once and for all! Bahamut explained that two allies would be able to greet them once they arrived on the plane of Endless Night to bring them to their target. The party eagerly accepted this mission, save for Verne who was quiet on the subject.

Using planar teleportation rituals, the party quickly journeyed to Thytherion, the Endless Night. They found a dark and haunted land of perpetual night, with sluggish lava flows bathing the land with a sickly orange light. A shadowy yuan-ti named Theel greeted them and revealed that she was one of the allies Bahamut mentioned. Theel explained that millennia ago, Tiamat invaded the realm of Zheir. They fought a horrifying war that ended in a stalemate. Since that time, Tiamat has controlled the subterranean parts of the plane and Zheir the mountainous peaks. Zheir had long hated sharing his realm and was eager to be rid of Tiamat. The party appreciated that Tiamat’s treachery would be her undoing and allowed Theel to lead them directly to Tiamat’s lair unmolested.

The yuan-ti brought the party directly to the Cavern of Fiery Splendor, wishing them luck before departing. As soon as Theel left, the party was greeted by the second ally: the ghost of the legendary paladin Berath. In life, Berath lead a heroic but foolhardy quest into the Cavern to slay Tiamat. His crusade was doomed to fail and he and his retnue perished in the dark. Berath had waited in the Cavern for centuries, awaiting the arrival of those who would destroy Tiamat forever. Berath told the party that the majority of Tiamat’s remaining servants had abandoned her, sacking the Cavern on their way out.

Berath led them to the center of the Cavern, where they saw the great dragon God Tiamat on a massive platform far above them. She was surrounded by an impenetrable energy field and was desperately scrying across the planes, begging or threatening her followers to return to her. Berath explained that the energy field was created by the life energy of the five massive dragon broodmothers that laired underneath this platform. The ghost could bring them no further, and wishes them luck before vanishing.

The party now began the task of slaying the foul broodmothers of Tiamat. There was one of these ancient dragon for each race of chromatic dragons, attempting to breed new evil dragons for Tiamat’s army. Each broodmother was protected by a throng of powerful bodyguards, including the dracolich consort of Tiamat and the terrible lich Irfelujhar—reborn from his phylactery. Madmartigan’s Men and Ithyk slew all these bodyguards and destroyed the profane broodmothers. With the monsters dead, the force field vanished.

With the force field obliterated, Madmartigan’s Men and Ithyk took to the air to face their final foe. Landing on the platform high above them, the heroes faced the Dark Queen herself. Tiamat glared at the party and each of her dragon heads cursed the party’s efforts. Facing an enraged god at the zenith of her power was enough to shake even the mighty heroes, but they quickly recovered and raced at the evil deity.

The party unleashed all their might at Tiamat, critically harming her with their opening salvo. The dragon god responded in kind, releasing barrage after barrage of chromatic fire on them. Quick thinking by Theoril saved them from most of the damage, and they were able to utilize well-honed tactics to keep Tiamat distracted.

The battle quickly turned against her, and as it did even her scrying portals betrayed her. They each displayed a moment in their adventure, a success against Tiamat. Tzolek saw their first adventure in Rivenroar, where he saved Madmartigan from the wight of Lord Gottard by cleaving its head with a thrown axe! Thanoril saw the scene where the heroes defeated Emperor Zetch’r’r while the titanic battle of Tu’narath raged around them. Madmartigan watched the portal as it showed the party attacking the camp of the white Dragon Exarch Kurzan, descending from their airship like destructive angles. Ithyk observed the thrilling defeat of the mad lich Irfelujhar, ending with him devouring the foul creature. Tiamat raged at all of these mocking visions, lashing out as the portals showed her greatest defeats.

Verne saw the final vision, enigmatic and strange like him. He saw the battle they were currently waging, but it was different—-they were different. One by one, the familiar yet changed heroes were all killed by Tiamat. Tiamat roared in triumph and the vision ended. Verne knew the great truth that he had known all along: they had done this before and failed. His choices and aid this time had allowed the party to succeed!

This final vision shook Tiamat to the core, and energized the heroes. They coordinated their attacks against the faltering god. Tiamat tried to use her vilest powers to stop Madmartigan’s Men and Ithyk, but it was all for naught. After a series of critical wounds, the dragon god stumbled. Tzloek took this moment to leap into the air with barbarian fury and severed all of Tiamat’s heads with a single chop of his axe!

Bahamut appeared to the party then. He explained that with the dreaded god destroyed, the world had been forever changed. Bahamut took them across the planes to see the extent of this metamorphosis. The heroes saw that not only was Tiamat’s evil gone from the world forever, the very concept of greed and envy had been stamped out. No longer did intelligent beings covet material and power like before. It was a subtle change, but one that effected all of the races across the planes.

With their final triumph, the party had stopped the majority of conflict in the world and improved the lives of all who dwelled in the material plane.

The Last Breath of Tiamat

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