The Attack on Overlook

Madmartigan’s Men and Ithyk prepared for the assault by General Zithiruun‘s forces. They aided in bolstering the Outer Walls of Overlook and awaited the attack. The General’s forces attacked by the south and eastern walls. The forces of dragonborn and githyanki were repeatedly repelled by the Guard on the wall using ballista and pots of boiling oil. However, a squad ogres with an adamanite tipped battering ram were able to smash a hole in the southern wall. The party responded to this threat and were able to refortify the wall.

As the High Guard arrived to replace the heroes at the breech, Madmartigan’s Men (and Ithyk)rushed into the city to face off against the numerous enemy forces that were running loose in Overlook. While being supported by the High Guard, the heroes slew scores of opponents, protecting the people of Overlook. When they heard that the General was in the city too, the party raced through the battle to confront the leader of the invasion.

They found General Zithirunn atop his undead dragon mount Rathoraiax and surrounded by his bodyguard. The General quipped that defeating the famous “Heroes of Overlook” would be a great honor and began brutally attacking the party. In the melee, Kage the Black was able to stall Rathoriax from joining the battle, allowing the party to focus on the General and his bodyguards. When the dragon returned from the hell that Kage sent it to, it was alone to face the might of Madmartigan’s Men. Still, the beast proved to be a terrible opponent and gravely wounded the party. They were able to best the creature, destroying the leadership within the invading army.

The enemy forces began to scatter quickly, while being pursued by the forces of Overlook. The High Priest Durkik met the party and explained that Sarashan must be trying to flee as well, but speculated that he would need to use the portal to the Shadowfell that they had found before. The heroes raced to the abandoned warehouse and found their nemesis preparing to reopen the portal. Realizing that escape was impossible, Sarashan turned to his foes and mocked the party. He noted that the heroes had only furthered the designs of his master…a woman he would not name. The heroic battle began and Sarashan was quickly defeated.

Overlook was now safe and Madmartigan’s Men (and Iythk) were once again hailed as true heroes of the Vale. But Sarashan’s comments lead to a deeper mystery: who was his master and what designs did she have for the Vale?

The Attack on Overlook

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