The Arrest of the Elsir Consortium

Madmartigan’s Men (and Ithyk) returned to Overlook with evidence of an advanced conspiracy between the Elsir Consortium and Sarashan’s weapons manufacturing organization. It appeared the the elemental ore from the Lost Mines of Karak was being shipped into the Shadowfell to fuel a massive army of monsterous creatures that would wage war on the Elsir Vale. This ore had been smuggled into the Shadowfell from the warehouses Sarashan employed prior to the party’s disruption of Sarashan’s organization.

The heroes presented this information to Ulysses Conrad, who in turn brought it to the Elder Council of Overlook. After days of secret deliberation, the Council decided that the evidence presented by the party was true and, after Bram Ironfell offered his testimony, the Council ordered the arrest of all board members of the Elsir Consortium. Fearing a public trial would lead to an attempted coup, the Council would hold the trial in secret and if any of the defendants resisted they were to be executed.

The party was tasked to lead the assault on the headquarters of the Consortium while arrests were made throughout the city. Madmartigan and his friends rushed up the steps of the Consortium Headquaters, only to be met by an adult Shadow Dragon! Hired by the Consortium to fight against the arrests, the dragon jeered at the heroes and immediately attacked them. It proved to be the dragon’s last act, as the party made short work of the wyrm.

The heroes, charged with official orders to bring the Consortium to justice, kicked down the mighty doors and charged into the building. There, they were attacked by the dwarven guards of the Ironfell Clan. Taking heavy fire from the iron crossbow bolts, the party defeated the guards and continued to the grand staircase and faced more Shardar-kai warriors from Sarashan’s personal guard. The party defeated these beasts as well and charged into the main conference room of the Elsir Consortium.

Once there, the party was greeted by Clan Elder Orlaf Ironfell and his bodyguard. Orlaf offered the party a place in the Consortium’s planned coup, but the heroes refused to bargain with the traitor. The old dwarf proved to be a powerful enemy and the battle was incredible. Orlaf attacked with his stone plated club, and his minions harried the heroes. Kage the Black was able to teleport Orlaf’s chief bodyguard to the Nine Hells for a short time and Thanoril made short work of the bodyguard on his return to the material plane. Orlaf’s retinue included two dwarven casters from the Underdark and they attacked the party with nectroic fire. Even the mighty dwarfs were no match for Madmartegan and his Men (and Ithyk), and they fell to the heroes of Overlook.

With the leaders of the Elsir Consortium defeated, the party now turned to finding Sarashan and stopping his plans!

The Arrest of the Elsir Consortium

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