Test of Fire

Following the defeat of Dakranad and the rebirth of Bahamut, the party returned to Sayre to mourn the loss of Amryia and for a well-earned rest. While they were resting, Bahamut’s forces renewed their attacks on Tiamat, destroying most of her holdings on the Material Plane and across the omniverse. The Dark Queen’s army took refuge in the ancient City of Brass, protected by the Elemental Chaos and the powerful efreet lords of the city.

Bahamut sent is avatar Xerefri to Sayre to summon the heroes to his side. Xerefri sternly requested the party’s presence and teleported them to the Crystal Tear, the new floating fortress of Bahamut in the Astral Sea. There, Madmartigan’s Men and Ithyk met with the still weakened dragon god. Bahamut told the heroes of the successful campaign against Tiamat and noted that her last army was encamped in the City of Brass. Her remaining exarchs: Namissi and Solvacles sought reinforcements so they could break through Bahmaut’s forces. Bahamut could not assault the City without angering the Efreets, which support and rejuvenate the batter army of the evil dragon queen.

Bahamut tasked the party with an important mission: turn the Efreets against Tiamat so they would allow Bahamut to fight her army. The High Lord of the City of Brass was a terrible Efreet named Bashumgarda who had made an unpopular alliance with Tiamat that allowed for her protection. Bahamut told the party that the next most powerful Efreet in the City, Estumishu, dispised his lord and Tiamat. If the party could reach Estumishu and sway him to their cause, perhaps Tiamat’s final army could be defeated.

The party readily agreed and Xerefri told them of an ancient ruin on which the City of Brass was built called the Keening Delve. The Delve was the site of a terrible battle of the Dawn War, where Bahmaut, Ioun and Bane killed a powerful primordial named Haemnathuun. Quickly travling through the Delve would allow the party to bypass the powerful wards around the City of Brass and meet with Estumishu. Xerefri knew of a portal that would take the party to the Delve and with that the heroes were once again in the fray.

The Keening Delve was a massive, maze-like cavern which housed powerful monsters and ancient secrets. The party knew that they would have to journey through quickly, saving exploration for another time. They raced through the caves, attempting to reach the forgotten portal that would lead them to the City of Brass. Madmartigan’s Men faced many terrible monsters, including insane slann cultists who were worshiping the shattered corpse of Haemnathuun! They purged the caves of these foul monsters and reached the portal.

Using the magical portal, the party arrived in the dreaded City of Brass. They were immediately greeted by an efreet named Selerin, a servant of Estumishu. She led the party to her lord’s Crucible Court, an arena where efreet conflicts were settled through ritual combat. She let the party know that Estumishu was sympathetic to their plight and hoped to help them, but they would need to prove their worth to the gathered Efreets.

In the Court, the party was openly mocked by the assembled efreets and had to face the best guards of Estumishu. The ritualized combat placed all of the heroes against a single combatant, and they needed their own wits and skill to defeat it. The party excelled at this task and, with thunderous support from the crowd, they defeated their opponents. Estumishu agreed to help them, promising that once he was in charge of the City, the protection granted to Tiamat be cancelled. The catch was that they would need to slay Bashumgarda immediately. They party readily accepted this charge.

The heroes raced out of the Crucible Court and navigated through the City of Brass. Using stealth and cunning, they avoided patrols of efreets and the forces of Tiamat. Somehow Verne had obtained a ritual that would allow the party to teleport directly into the Charcoal Palace, the fortress of Bashumgarda. Using this powerful ritual, they were able to bypass the palace’s guards and defenses. They appeared before the Efreet Lord and found the foul creature hopelessly corrupted by Tiatmat. The Lord demanded that the party yield to the awesome power of the Dark Queen, at which the party scoffed. They made short work of the Lord and his bodyguards, allowing Estumishu’s minors to seize control of the City of Brass.

The new Lord of the Efreets was true to his word and withdrew all support and protection to Tiamat’s army. The righteous army of Bahamut rained down on the forces of the evil dragon queen and a titanic battle was fought. The rust colored sky was full of dragons and powerful creatures fighting for supremacy. In the midst of the melee, the party watched as Bahamut himself took to the sky against the greatest exarch of Tiamat: the blue dragon Namissi. Bahamut was on the verge of defeating the foul exarch, when he was ambushed by the Green exarch Solvacles! The party watched in horror as Bahamut was struck low and plummeted to the ground! Knowing that the newly returned dragon god was weak, the party raced to the sight of the impact to stop the Exarchs from finishing off Bahamut!

They found the Platinum Dragon with the two Exarchs ready to pounce! Namissi gloated that the party’s resurrection of Bahamut only delayed Tiamat’s plans and soon the Dragon Queen would destroy her ancient rival. The heroes quickly rushed into battle with the Exarchs, quickly destroying them both and saving Bahamut from final destruction.
With the Exarchs dead, Tiamat’s army broke into full rout. After the battle, Bahmaut once again thanked the party for saving the day. He explained that now, with Tiamat’s army destroyed, nothing stood between them and a final assault on her lair. The Platinum Dragon lamented that he was still too weak to face his sibling, and asked the party to accept his final quest to them: the destruction of the wicked dragon god!

The party eagerly accepted the mission and prepared for their final quest!

Test of Fire

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