Siege of Bordrin's Watch

After the defeat of Sinruth the party, now known as Madmartigan’s Men (and Ithyk) was gifted with the ruins of Castle Rivenroar by Lord Troyas. Together they began work rebuilding the once great castle. They stayed in Brindol and were celebrated as heroes.

Over the next two months, they heard increasing rumors that a horde of Orcs was gathering past the mountains of Overlook. They were summoned by Lord Troyas and tasked with journeying to Overlook to lend support at Bordrin’s Watch. Troyas explained that glory would further his political career and he could make improvements on their new castle in their absence. The party quickly agreed and left the next day.

They journeyed through the western plains attempting to reach the Elsir River. Along the way, they encountered a caravan that had been attacked. Three carts were destroyed and at least 15 people were killed. An investigation showed that large humanoids with great strength bearing crude weapons had attacked the caravan, slaying the merchants and taking everything of value, save for a iron strongbox. Madmartigan quickly opened the box with great skill! Inside, they found gold and a letter. The letter, written in Dwarven, was from “Mordan” to “Bram Ironfell”, and it hinted at a sinister plan about the orc horde and the Council of Overlook.

The party arrived at the massive city of Overlook and immediately began investigating the letter and Bram Ironfell. They journeyed through the districts: Shantytown, Tradetown, Forgeworks and Blister, looking for clues. They learned that Bram Ironfell was a wealthy dwarf, advisor from Tradetown and high ranking member of the Elsir Consortium, a powerful trade organization in the city. They learned that Bram had been consorting with two shady characters: Modra and Sarshan, fronting money so the two could buy the Black Feather Foundry Company. They realized that the “black crow” seal of the Black Feather had been seen on the weapons and armor of the hobgoblins they previously faced. Further digging revealed that Modra had arranged for a large supply of weapons across the mountains to the orcs. Thanoril and Eudelon also discovered that Modra had attempted to enlist the aid of the necromancer Rufus Grimly in creating a magical ritual. This ritual would allow the transport of non-living items across the Shadowfell. Rufus told the party that Modra was a “Dark Creeper” and Sarshan was a Shar-dar-kai, both races from the Shadowfell. The party pieced together that the Bram Ironfell, and or the Elsir Consortium, had allied with these two dark beings to support the New Red Hand of Doom from Brindol and the Orc Tribes led by Tusk. The party speculated that the Consortium hoped to stage a coup with the orcs as a distraction.

With this knowledge, the party decided they needed powerful allies before approaching the Council or attacking the Elsir Consortium. They journeyed to Forgeworks and met with the district’s adviser: Ulysses Conrad. Ulysses was eager to help the party, but explained it would have to wait until after the Orc Horde was dealt with. The party gave Ulysses the original copy of the letter and he signed a contract stating that he would aid the party in the future. The party then journeyed to the Council at High Hall and, with the other assembled heroes, met with the Council of Elders. Elder Cardrick explained that the rumors of the orcs were true and that this was the largest horde anyone had ever seen. Bordrin’s Watch should hold and many of the heroes were sent to bolster it. Two tasks remained: seal the tunnels under the mountains and rescue to monks of the Monastery of the Shattered Fist. An adventuring party: the Wolf Company, demanded to be tasked with sealing the tunnels. Madmartigan’s Men (and Ithyk) accepted the task of rescuing the monks.

They quickly journeyed to the Monastery, only to find it overrun with orcs. As they fought their way inside, they found the dwarfs had been slaughtered and orcs were spilling out of the underground passages. The party uncovered a secret passage below and rushed down to save any dwarfs they could. Rushing down into the living quarters of the monks, the party found a scene of horrible slaughter. Dwarfs, many still in their nightclothes, were murdered in their beds by the orcs standing in the center of the room. A brutal battle ensued and the party was able to slay the orcs and proceed deeper into the temple. They found a stone staircase leading down into the depths of the cavern. The heroes fought their way down the stairs through groups of orcs, knocking many to their deaths. At the bottom of the stairs, the party found a room that once lead to a tunnel through the mountains. The tunnel had collapsed, belching out fire and smoke. A party of orc berserkers and drudges led by an Eye of Grummsh and Orog Orc Champion faced them. The champion, a brutal warrior named Og was beating a dwarf paladin Kalad as the party faced him. Og threw the dwarf away and gave the order to charge. With the flames growing every moment, the party fought the orcs and defeated them. Thanoril was able to pull Kalad from the flames as Kage the Black walked through the flames in his demon form.

Kalad explained to the party that the orcs had spilled up from the nest of tunnels through the mountains and assaulted the temple. Kalad knew that more orcs would come, so he snuck past the monsters and activated the emergency collapse of the western tunnels, killing scores of orcs. Og captured him and tortured him as a result. Og gloated that the orcs were part of a vast tribe, led by a Orog Chief called Tusk who was supported by his lover, a Shar-dar-kai witch. Og said that the orcs knew of a series of tunnels through the mountains and would wash across the Vale. Kalad said that he knew of the main connection of the tunnels called “The nexus”, and they needed to close the tunnels before the orcs could reach the Vale!

Lead by Kalad, the party rushed to the Vents, a series of openings in the mountainside. They found the camp of the Wolf Company, with the other party’s tracks going into the vents but not returning. Kalad offered to rush ahead to Overlook to warn them of the impending bypass of the Watch through the Vents. The party made their way through the winding, dark tunnels before they reached the Nexus complex, a junction of the tunnels underneath Bordrin’s Watch. Madmartigan’s Men (and Ithyk) found the complex filled with orcs and slew all they found. They had to bypass the corridor of traps left by the ancient dwarven defenders. Once through the Gauntlet, the party rushed into the boiler room which was filled with orcs. A brutal fight ensued and they were able to defeat the vile orc minions. They faced a Dark Creeper named Iranda and on his body they found a heavy brass key. The party turned the great valves in the boiler room, which primed the boiling hot water tanks to flood the pathways through the mountains. Once they reached the Nexus control room, they could send scalding hot water through the tunnels, killing the hundreds of orcs inside and forcing them into Bordrin’s Watch. The party continued on and found desecrated alter of Moradin guarded by orcs and a cave troll, where they found the remains of the Wolf Company adventures. The heroes quickly dispatched their foes and discovered a sending stone on the corpse of the Wolf Company ranger Jan. With this, they raced to the Nexus Control Room to flood the tunnels and end the threat to Overlook.

In the Control Room, they faced hordes of orcs led by the warchief Tusk and his shardar-kai witch lover Maryssia. The heroes fought their way to the top most level and defeated Tusk. As hundreds of orcs were about to pour into Control Room from the tunnels, the party was able to activate the flooding of the chamber. They were able to escape through a ceiling trap door as the chamber, and the miles of tunnels filled with boiling water.

With hundreds of orcs killed, the raid was dispersed and Overlook was saved! The party were heralded as heroes of the Vale and rewarded as such. But now Madmartigan’s Men (and Ithyk) had to figure out what Modra and Sarshan were up to and stop them!

Siege of Bordrin's Watch

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