Rescue at Castle Rivenroar

The story begins some forty years after the War with The Red Hand of Doom and late spring has settled on the Elsir Vale. The large trade caravans have made their first trip to Brindol bringing many people from all over the Vale to the city.

A group of adventures, most new to the city, gathered in the Red Door. Eudelon, Ithyk, Kage the Black, Madmartigan, Thanoril Elseweyr, Tzolek, and Verne were enjoying an early evening in the tavern, when a group of hobgoblins burst into the bar. The leader snarled that they came for the Banner of the Red Hand of Doom that hung in the bar and began attacking the patrons. The heroes jumped to action and quickly overcame the hobgoblins. There was a commotion outside and when they ventured out, the party was greeted by an ogre tied to cart with hobgoblin keepers. The ogre was throwing burning casks of pitch at buildings in the city! Using cunning and great skill, the party defeated all the hobgoblins and slew the ogre. The group was taken to the wall were they learned of an attack by a tribe of hobgoblins, led by a chief called Sinruth raided the city.

The party was summoned by Lord Eoffram Troyas to discuss the attack. They learned through Troyas that eight people had been taken by Sinruth as well as several trophies from the museum dedicated to the War against the Red Hand. It seemed that Sinruth was trying to renew the dreaded Red Hand of Doom! The party gathered information from a captured hobgoblin, who revealed that the “new” Red Hand of Doom had taken up residence in the ruins of Castle Rivenroar. The prisoners had been taken to appease the undead residents of the Castle. With this information and a grudely drawn map, Eudelon led the characters to the ruined catacombs of Castle Rivenroar.

Inside they found an ancient tomb to the noble families that lived in the once great fortress. Once inside, the party encountered numerous hobgoblin soldiers and goblin minions, and fought their way through many chambers. They encountered three restless spirits who, once defeated, revealed that they were imprisoned in undeath because they fell to the lords of the castle. The spirits explained that the last Lord of Rivenroar, a noble named Gottard, failed to aid Rhestilor when the horde came to destroy it and instead fortified his castle. He and his wife convinced priests of Vecna to transform them into wights, before killing them. The spirits were knights sent to slay the undead wights and reclaim the ceremonial sword belonging to The Platinum Dragon. Before vanishing into a tapestry, the spirits begged the party to kill the evil Lord and recover the sword so they could rest.

The party fought on, facing many foul beasts and their hobgoblin keepers. Once, Eudelon fell through a pit in the floor and almost faced two rage drakes on his own, but the party was able to come to his aid and together easily fell the beasts. They recovered three citizens, Mirtala (a local cook), Zerriksa (the old crone and witch) and Adronsius (the alchemist). They faced the vile wight Lady Itenni and her zombie minions, and were able to slay her thanks to Tzolek throwing his sword threw her skull! Sadly, they also found the bodies of Kartenix and Pete. They cleared the first floor of the catacombs and, knowing that the priestess Jalissa and the boy Thurann were still in the clutches of Sinruth and Lord Gottard, the party ventured upstairs!

On the second level of the ruins, the party faced the remainder of the hobgoblin horde and their leader Sinruth. The party easily defeated Sinruth and rescued Jalissa and Thurann before moving on to face the wight Lord Gottard. The battle against Gottard was brutal as he had great necromanic power and was defended by vile undead monsters. Many of the heroes almost fell, but working together they were able to defeat the undead and cleanse the crypt. The party recovered all of the trophies from Brinidol; they also had discovered a letter from “The Emissary” that had urged Sinruth to found a new Red Hand of Doom and wage war on the Vale. The party returned to Brindol, with Eudelon returning the ghost’s sword to his former temple, and where celebrated as heroes.

Afterwards they began to think about their next adventure…

Rescue at Castle Rivenroar

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