Leaders and important people

Lord Aaron Jarmaan (male human noble) Lord Aaron is a widowed man, 50 years old. His wife fell down stairs in the keep years ago and broke her neck. He has two sons and a daughter, all full grown and married now.

Lord Warden Harrik Orenna (male human noble) Harrik Orenna is the political leader of the Golden Lions, the city guard. However, the allegiance of the men is much stronger toward Kartenix, the Captain of the Town Guard.

Lord Eoffram Troyas (male half-elf merchant)
Lord Troyas is the newest councilmember. He’s well mannered and has a reputation for being cunning in his dealings. The most liberal of the council, Troyas is swift to act and seems to have a knack for being the first in town to know about events. Fresh information is probably a valued commodity for this man. Troyas is the type to exchange favors, but keeps the scales tipped in his favor.

Lord Noel Prasad (male halfling merchant)
Lord Prasad is the head of the River Bargemen guild. He is a a shrewd business man and a jocular fellow who is known to joke that rank in the Brindol Council should be reorganized by height – starting with the smallest first.

Lord Eshan Jarmaan (male human noble)
Eshan Jarmaan is Lord Jarmaan’s eldest son and likely. He has been on the council for three years and has no hesitation reminding others of his position. He is a known gambler and can often be found in Ilya’s cardhouse playing various games of chance. While he is a bit haughty, he is acknowledged to be an honest and fair player, and is quite popular as he often buys drinks for his fellow players when he’s on a winning streak.

Lord Damon Gunter (male dwarf noble)
The gruff and blunt Lord Gunter is the head of the Prospectors guild. A reasonably powerful Cleric of Kord, he was elected unanimously as leader of the Prospectors guild due to his valor during the siege of Brindol. While not as charismatic as any of the other merchant lords in town, he nevertheless commands a significant amount of respect due to the level of control the Prospectors guild has over the movement of metal goods throughout the Vale.

Lady Ariane Sanja (female tiefling merchant)
Lady Sanja is perhaps the least well liked member of the Brindol Council. She is concerned first and foremost with the acquisition of coin, both for herself and for the city. She constantly bickers with Lords Orenna and Gunter over the cost of the militia, but for reasons not fully known seems to have the ear of both Lords Jarmaan.

Lady Natalia Isidoro (female human noble)
Lady Isidoro the scion of a family that dates back as far as the Jarmaans. She is elderly and generally ineffective. Her son Andrei has been waiting for her seat on the Council for upwards of fifteen years now, but she shows no signs of aging.

Lady Maribel Kabiri (female human noble)
Maribel Kabiri is the head of the Weavers guild, and fiercely proud of her position. She began life as a commoner and worked her way up through shrewd bargaining and good leadership, rising through the ranks to become a manager at the young age of seventeen, head of a mill at twenty, and leader of the Weavers guild at thirty (when the prior leader passed away). The Weavers guild has grown strong under her guidance, and textile goods manufactured in Brindol (and powered by the waters of the Elsir River) have begun to be carried by merchants to places as far away as Astrazalian.


Leaders and important people

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