House Rules

Fate Points

The usual system of extra points to due cool stuff incorporated in our games. Heavily borrowed (outright stolen) from Derrick at some points.

You Get Fate Points for:
Having character background
Having character portrait
Having Character mini
Having a Character theme song
Performing spectacular stunts
Good role-playing
Going up a level
Bringing food/drink
Character journal entry (You gain between 1-3 points)
Killing the “boss” monster (if applicable)
Referencing Portal pages in role playing (after making appropriate rolls referencing history, other information)
General DM bribery

Fate Points Can be used for:

Making your character Wicked Jacked.

2 FP: gain an action point (can be used once a session)

1-5 FP: gain a +1 on an attack or skill challenge roll per point spent.

1 FP: Gain the use of another daily item ability (allowing you to use multiple magic item dailies without a milestone)

5 FP: Reroll a failed saving throw (including death saving throw). Must accept second roll.

5 FP: Reuse a spent encounter power

10 FP: Reuse a spent Daily power

5 FP: Spend a healing surge as a free action.

10 FP: Gain temporary hit points equal to your healing surge value.

  • FP: Create a generally awesome event or outcome. DM discretion.

House Rules

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