With their quest at an end, the heroes returned to where this all started, taking up residency in the former Rivenroar fortress: the Manse Victorious. An immense feast, a celebration greater than all others of the material plan, was held at the Manse with beings from across the multiverse coming to congratulate the heroes. The party went on for months and would have bankrupted the economies of neighboring nations had not the concept of wealth disappeared with Tiamat. The heroes continued to be celebrated throughout the land for generations to come, but their stories were not complete yet.

Verne was the first to leave the Manse. He had discovered the great truth of his existence: he had lived his life thousands of times, trying to fix the mistakes he and his allies had made in the past. Now he had succeeded with his task, their great quest a victory. Now he realized he could step out of the time-stream and return whenever he wanted. Verne decided that he needed to travel to the distant future, to aid the alien creatures that existed then. He vanished into time.

Thanoril eventually left the Manse quietly, disappearing into the night. Years later, it was said he had founded a martial temple deep in the Shadowfell dedicated to The Way of the Bat. Hundreds of hopeful heroes attempted the perilous journey to this school, eager to learn the secrets of the greatest martial artist in the world. Few reached their goal, and even fewer survived the training, but those who did became epic heroes in the own right. These warriors each founded new temples to the martial style of the Bat, all paying homage to Thanoril for centuries.

Ithyk eventually wandered off from the Manse to reestablish himself as leader of the knoll nation. He wiped the rabid knolls into one massive back that roamed the material plane, attacking powerful monster hordes and evil armies. His dominance over the race of knolls attracted the rage of Yeenoghu, the foul god of the knolls. Ithyk journeyed to the dark Abyss to face the gnoll god, destroying it utterly and usurping its power. Ithyk then became the patron deity of the knolls, with entire nations of monstrous beings granting sacrifice to him.

Tzolek disappeared from the Manse suddenly. Around the same time he vanished, all the mortal beings in the multiverse forgot that Tiamat existed! The heroes were still renowned for defeating a terrible evil and saving the world, but the identity of their foe was gone. Tzolek was never seen again by any save his allies. There were rumors, however, that Vecna had an incredibly powerful enforcer in his service—-something that Vecna had paid dearly for.

Madmartigan could not easily settle into retirement. He and his men had been heralded as the greatest heroes the world had ever known, he could not go anywhere without receiving praise or requests for aid. Indeed, all of the powerful gods and entities begged the hero for his service to vanquish the remaining evil in the world. He took the quests he wished, occasionally reuniting with his friends for a battle against evil. To this day, once a year Madmartigan hosts a grand feast where he summons his friends. No matter how far away they are, Madmartigan’s Men (and the god Ithyk) answer the call to drink and feast.

Together, the heroes transcend from legend into myth. The bards will sing of their victories forever.


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