Scales of War

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Madmartigan's most intimate, private thoughts: Keep out!
Page 1

Dear Journal,
Hi, it’s me! Did you miss me? I haven’t been in you in a long while. But it’s good to know that no matter how long I’m gone, you’ll always willingly open for me.
I’ve come back to you because I find myself surrounded by new allies, and I feel it is no longer acceptable for me to talk to myself, even if I am the best conversationalist I know. Can’t say why, I’ve just always been good with my tongue.
Speaking of tongues let me tell you about these new allies.

Kage, a musician, I was somewhat familiar with from my various stays in various inns, though I can’t say we ever spoke. He looks somewhat like an infernal beast, but is a nice enough fellow. He said it was because he sold his soul for power. I feel kind of bad for him, since I was born this amazing. He does have an edge on me in one respect: his tongue is forked and the tips wiggle on their own! Such power! To think of the ladies I could swoon with such an ability.

Ithyk is some kind of enormous dog-creature. Hell of a hand to have in a fight and seems to be quite loyal. I’ll have to find some special treats to start feeding him…

Thanoril is a red-headed dainty, though the least dainty dainty I’ve ever met. He’s the most unassuming of the bunch which, in my mind, makes him the most dangerous. That and he can fly and rend armor with his bare feet.

The darky, Tzolek, seems a reasonable sort. I’ve honestly never met one of his people before. It is my goal to make him vomit, to see if it looks different than mine. Oh, he’s made of some kind of obsidian, I gather.

The armored fellow is a strange one. Ha! After all those descriptions, I can still call someone strange. Didn’t catch his name, but he’s clearly normal under that armor & helmet that he never removes. Also he does things that make my head hurt. One minute I’m punching a hobbie in the face, the next it’s on the other side of the room!

The last of my new allies, Eudelon, is a Minnie! I’ve never met one before, but he’s more soft spoken than they’re usually made out to be. Nice guy. Has some kind of ghost bear that follows him around.

So that’s them, then: my new allies. Good group of guys, so far. I couldn’t have asked for better when it comes to the pursuit of passion. Most aren’t even the same species, the armored one would have to actually take his armor off first & the red-head I don’t think plays for the same side, if you catch my meaning. Really only the horny one, Kage, stands to serve as any decent competition and I welcome a challenge!

So how did I come to meet this motley bunch? Funny you ask. There I was, enjoying a liquid breakfast when suddenly the bar caught fire! Not stopping to think I dove behind the bar, hefted a water cask and doused the flames. Only then did I notice the hobbies & gobbers killing the patrons in the bar! Ithyk, the dog-thing, stepped into view and smashed one down with a door. Taking a cue from him, I charged at a gobber and knocked its head off.
Dragging the dead slags outside, a flaming barrel flew by and exploded. Following right behind it was an ogre pulling a cart full of barrels and gobbers. We dispatched them with ease, though in truth the stupid ogre blew itself up.

The next day we met with a councilman, who expressed interest in hiring Madmartigan’s Mercenaries. I worked him up to a reasonable price for such impressive folk. The job is to retrieve some villagers and old junk taken by the gobber horde that attacked.
Me, stony & Ithyk beat some info out of a captive hobbie, the others did some talking, the Minnie picked up a trail and off we went into the wild bound for the bones of Castle Rivenroar.
Waiting for us were more gobbers & hobbies, scrappers all. But we took them out and now we’re grabbing a quick rest before plunging into the undead & gobber infested catacombs.
This is living!
I think I’ll rebraid my hair first. Don’t want the last thing those wretches to see be so unkempt.

To the Temple of the Enduring Mountain, from Thanoril Elseweyr

Dear Master Ardax,

I am writing to you from the city of Brindol. My journey thus far has been even stranger than I had imagined. I spent a few weeks in the city of Overlook before coming here. There were so many dwarves! And there were many bizarre individuals, unlike anything I had seen before. Some of them did not seem to respect elves much. I met an individual whose draconic features were matched by his fiery temperament. Thanks to him I now know that dragon scales are not as impenetrable as I was lead to believe when reading about them.

When I finally arrived in Brindol I went to the inn to secure lodging for my stay. While there I noticed a few others who did not seem to belong amongst the farmers and tradesmen that I had seen everywhere else in the city. I soon learned they were nothing like those farmers and tradesmen.

I was enjoying a meal in the tavern when hobgoblins and goblins burst in and started attacking the townspeople. I and some of the others I had noticed earlier sprang into action without hesitation. We were able to quickly dispatch all of the attackers and then proceeded with introductions before dragging the bodies out of the building.

My new “friends” are a minotaur named Eudelon, a musically-inclined tiefling named Kage the Black, a large warrior who seems made of obsidian and is named Tzolek, a man who I’ve only ever seen clad in armor from head to toe, and who possesses some manner of power to change reality, a gnoll named Ithyk, and lastly, a human warrior named Madmartigan. The “mad” in his name seems apt. He is a very strange fellow, and yet, I feel I can learn a good deal from him and the others about life outside the monastery.

Anyway, we did not have much of a reprieve. As we were piling up the bodies outside of the tavern, there was an explosion up the street. An ogre was pulling a cart and throwing flaming casks of pitch. In the cart were three goblins and more casks. I feel you would have been proud of me, Master. I charged ahead of the others and unleashed the Steel Avalanche strike on the ogre, striking him right in his chest. With the help of the others we were able to dispatch all four of our foes.

That night the others partook in the drinking of alcohol and I must say, Master. I can see why we abstain from it. While I do admit I was curious at first, when they began vomiting on themselves… and each other… and falling over uncontrollably, I thought it such a shame that men of such battle prowess would show such weakness. My curiosity was quelled by their behavior.

The next morning we met with a councilman who hired us to destroy the tribe of goblins and hobgoblins that had attacked the town. They were apparently interested in several items from the town and took some of its inhabitants as well. We were to retrieve these and bring them back to the town.

I went to the museum with Kage the Black and our heavily armored friend while Eudelon scouted around outside the town’s walls. Madmartigan, Ithyk, and Tzolek went to question a hobgoblin kept alive and imprisoned during the raid. Between all of us, we figured out that the group is trying to become the new incarnation of some evil army known as The Red Hand of Doom, who were once defeated by a group known as the Diamond League.

We now know that the tribe that attacked Brindol is holding up in Castle Rivenroar, an old abandoned keep several hours journey from here. We leave shortly. I hope this letter finds you well, Master. I hope I am able to write again to you soon.

Message to Glasrael

The cloud of brimstone parted And the figure of the devil Glasrael appeared.
" What is it now?!" Glasrael asked.
" My lord, I have met an amazing group of allies!" spoke Kage, the Black. Glasrael put his hand to his forehead.
“That sounds amazing. Is that a……”
" They friggin’ rule! let me tell you about them! First there was this elf guy named Thanoril, He fights with his fists and can frickin’ fly! He’s wicked bad ass and he saved me along with this other guy. I don’t think he likes ladies, I guess that’s cool, if he’s into guys. He is wicked strong though.
"Then there’s this guy that doesn’t speak much. He always wears full plate, but this guy rips reality apart! It might be the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. Then we have the guy that saved me. He’s a gnoll named Ithyk. This blood curdling monster saved my ass. He’s kind of incredible. he came with this other guy named Tzolek, he didn’t do much but the large onyx bastard sure knows how to take advantage of the opportunities I provide them. Then there is this weird minotaur named Eudelon, He weirdly nice for a minotaur. He was actually ok with everything.
"then there was this bastard Madmartigan. He was so sweet that even our lord Asmodeuos would love him. He Is Amazing. Keep an eye on him. He is awesome.
“So Glasreal you should take all of this a an offering. We (read me) will do your bidding. Forever and always.”
" Are you done?" Glasrael asked
“Hmmm? um, yeah I guess, I was going to write a song about….”
" A song? Yes. Good get back to me when it’s done. I have a……. a thing to do. Well it’s been nice Kage. Till next time." And then Glasrael was gone in a flash of hellfire. And Kage didn’t stop smiling for the next hour and 17 minutes.

Eudelon's Second Journal, First Entry

How fortunate that just as I have filled the last page of my old journal, I should begin the new one with a fresh adventure!

I was not expecting to do more in Brindol than gather supplies, but much has happened here just since I arrived. My very first night, while resting in a tavern, the town was attacked by goblin bandits! Some fellow adventurers and I helped repel the invasion force from the city center, but the guard and council expect more attacks if nothing is done.

These creatures appear to be driven by half-remembered stories of old wars. Whatever their goals, they threaten the innocent people of Brindol, and must be stopped. We have dispatched ourselves to the ancient keep from which the raiders apparently came, in hopes of stopping them for good.

May the spirits preserve us.

A barbarian's musings

It seems as though Ithyk and I are once again accompanied by other adventurers. We met our new companions when a group of goblins were foolish enough to attack us and our fellow patrons. We dispatched of them with relative ease.

As we brought the bodies outside we heard an explosion and saw an ogre carrying a cart. Inside the cart were some barrels and goblins. This fight proved somewhat of a challenge, thankfully the barrels were full of oil and the ogre accidentally lit them on fire.

After getting to know our new traveling companions I am very pleased. I have a good feeling that we will get along well and be a savage force of destruction to those who stand in our way.

The fully armored man’s powers confuse me. And the fact that I can’t see his face coupled with that of him never removing his armor make me uncomfortable around him. His ability to move others against their will is valuable at least.

Kage’s powers also mystify me. I never knew music could be used as a weapon. His discordant notes force our enemies to leave openings against me, so I’m glad he uses it.

Eudelon’s personality and attack style are not what I expected from a minotaur at all. I wonder if all minotaurs are like him or if he’s outside of their norm.

My favorite new additions are without a doubt the two humans. Thanoril fights with his bare hands! What’s more impressive is how devastating his attacks are. He fights with a fearlessness and prowess that would make any warrior proud. I look forward for the chance to spar with him when we have the time.

The other human, Madmartigan, is almost as impressive. His ability to draw enemies attention to him and impede their attacks is on par with Ithyk. I enjoy how he spends little time caring about the conventions that civilized people normally waste so much time on.

Who would have believed that Ithyk and myself would be able to join up with human versions of ourselves! Perhaps a team sparring session will be in order in the future. Until then I look forward to ripping apart enemies with them on the battlefield.

The strangest thing happened, two fights in a row ended without an opponent coming close to hitting me. This rarely ever happens in one battle, but I don’t think it ever happened twice in a row before. Ever. I suppose it is a testament to the skill of my fellow companions. I’m thankful for those foolish goblins timing. We may have all gone on our separate ways otherwise. Fortune smiled upon us all that day, and frowned on all who will be foolish enough to be our enemy.

Musings of a Murderous Mind

Hyeheh yeheh ha ah. Sun is blood. I take new packmates now. They are good. Tzolek seem to like them a lot, so I take them. I don’t like armor man, I can’t hear his blood, his skin doesn’t hold it. He made himself parts then made himself again, but there was no blood in it. Ghost-thing. He makes things disappear.


Horn face good though. His blood burns and he makes good noise. Heyah hayaehehah… he play bzuk, sound like Tzolek. He’s tiny though but makes loud noise. Heehyah hehe yeh.

Bull head quiet. Blood quiet too. Bull head owns a ghost thing that is not Ghost-thing. Bull head is Bull Head.

Madman Ithyk likes. He pisses them off, he’s funny. Its good. He needs me in front cause he pisses off too many. He’s small too. Makes me laugh.

Ear point has grinding blood. He’s like a bird though, he moves weird. It good though. I hope his bones don’t snap. He doesn’t smell like much either, just skin. Do ear points sweat? He doesn’t pant. Don’t know.

Man talked to us, asked us to get rulliks, Ear point knows what they are. Horn face tried to know, but he didn’t say anything good. Tzolek tells me I can bleed things though when we look for rulliks so I let us go. Can taste new bloods and then I can know. Heyeyeh ahyeheh heyehehee.

To the Temple of the Enduring Mountain, from Thanoril Elseweyr - Second Letter

Master Ardax,

I am writing this from within the walls of Castle Rivenroar itself. We have taken time to rest after several battles with the goblins, hobgoblins, and other monsters inhabiting this ancient castle.

We have rescued some of the missing townsfolk. They were being held prisoner, and as near as we can tell, were to be offered to whatever undead monstrosities lurk below the castle. The hobgoblins and goblins have apparently forged an alliance with undead in their attempt to take on the mantle of the Red Hand of Doom. After our brief respite, we must push ahead as quickly as possible to save the remaining townspeople.

My training has served me well so far; but should I fail in this endeavor, Master, I hope this letter finds you somehow. Perhaps others will take up our quest should we fail and will see that this letter is delivered to you. If we do succeed, I shall send it by courier once we return to Brindol.

Strength and focus, Master.

To the Temple of the Enduring Mountain, from Thanoril Elseweyr - Third Letter

Master Ardax,

As I write this, we are still within the walls of Castle Rivenroar. I think writing these letters while we are in here is comforting. It helps me find peace between the horrible battles we face. The last battle in particular was horrible. I believe the undead she-devil we just fought was once part of the noble family that lived here. It is hard to say of course, but the command she held over the other undead in her presence makes me suspect she might have once been the Lady of the house.

At this point we have rescued three of the missing townsfolk. Mirtala, Zerriksa, and Adronsius are all safe. Unfortunately, the two named Kartenix and Pete had already been violently slain by the vile, twisted souls occupying this dark place. We are resting for a few moments before heading upstairs to try and save a priestess named Jalissa and a boy named Thurann, who is the son of Kartenix.

Master, I do not know how much battle you have seen outside the walls of the temple, but I must say, I am bewildered by the fighting techniques of my compatriots. The one among us who remains quiet most of the time, and hides himself within his suit of armor, has the ability to burst apart into a vortex of chunks of light. He can move about like this freely and of his own will. And they tell me that while I was recovering from my wounds, Tzolek hurled his sword through the air and somehow managed to strike the undead mistress in the head.

They have little grace, Master, and yet they are effective. Madmartigan is perhaps most perplexing of them all. To look at him, you would suspect him nothing but a drunk lout with a quick temper. And while he IS a drunk lout with a quick temper, he is actually a very capable warrior as well.

I hope to be able to send this letter to you, Master. I must admit, the last battle has rattled me a bit. I will not forget my training, though: “Strength of the mountain, focus of the mind. My will is like stone.”

Thanoril Elseweyr


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