Scales of War

The Way of the Bat: Justice Tempered in Darkness – Chapter 5, Part: 6 (EXCERPTS)

We used our newly acquired ship to chase after the Cer’vene. More dragonriders tried to stop our pursuit, but we were able to make short work of them. Using the ship’s equipment we were able to latch on to Kada’ne’s ship and attack.

While the others began fighting the crew, I leapt at the admiral and with a kick sent him flying back towards the others. We battled across the deck of the Cer’vene. As crew members fell, more came up from below the deck.

Finally, all the enemies were defeated, and we had Kada’ne’s crystal key. But then we had a new problem. The two ships were still locked together and were being pulled up into the large vortex above us. Both ships were drawn into the portal.

The sensation of traversing the portal was disorienting for a moment as the shift in gravity and atmosphere hit us. The ships were spinning out of control in a downward spiral toward a dark, rocky plain that was washed out in the light of a foreboding red sky.
Working quickly we were able to slow our descent enough to make the crash into the ground below survivable, but the ships were heavily damaged. As we took stock of the landscape, Kage identified it as Dis, the third layer of the Nine Hells.

The damage would take weeks to repair, and that was time we could not afford to lose. The Coalition’s plans to assault the gith required the key we obtained. But it was then that Tzolek found a devil lurking on the ship. A devil he recognized. The devil offered to repair our ships, and other rewards on top of that, if we would free the ancient githyanki queen, Gith, from Lord Dispater’s tower.

Working with a devil is something that none of us (except for Kage) would normally choose to do, but we find ourselves in a bleak situation. Releasing Gith would almost certainly sow chaos among the githyanki as forces loyal to the queen fought those who support the Emperor.

When I decided to embrace the darkness within it was for the greater good. Fighting a devil’s battles is the last thing I would have expected to participate in. Let’s hope the ends will justify the means.

Madmartigan's Journal, Book Two, Page 18

Twas a short captainhood. We crashed our ship into Admiral FussyButts ship, kicked his ass five ways to Bahamut and then promptly got sucked through a portal and crash-landed in Hell. Or Dis, technically. Kage insists there’s a difference.
Some devil was hanging out on my ship as we combed it for stuff. He made us an offer we couldn’t refuse, because our ships were busted to hell (ha).
So now we’re off to Douchespaters Tower to free Gith, the Queen of the Gith. Real fucking original. Who am I kidding, if I ever become king of a new race I’ll totally call them Madmartigmen.

Journal Entry #19
Future removal from the past.

It has been days now since we took that airship. Martigan still refuses to listen to reason when it comes to his apparent renaming of our new vessel. He has even now reached the point of using it as an exclamation of excitement and wonder. Frequently. And I can only assume it is merely a matter of time before he begins using the word in his sexual endeavors as well. I have no idea how “Flightorious” could be used to describe things of that nature, but I suppose that is irrelevant, seeing as how it Isn’t A Real Word.
If I were not trapped within this current time stream, I wonder if I would continue along this path…
- half of a blank page later -
…it is clear this entire endeavor would fail without my ever watchful guidance. I shall endure. {{Future removal from the past entry #22 – Come back and erase the word “Flightorious” from existance. }}

The Way of the Bat: Justice Tempered in Darkness – Chapter 5, Part: 5 (EXCERPTS)

We raced past the dock gate and from there it was an easy task to make our way to the admiral’s ship. Admiral Kada’ne was aware that facing us would be a suicidal exercise and so he fled on his ship. We saw that his ship was approaching the astral portal positioned above the dock and had no time to waste.

Determined to prevent the admiral from escaping, we stormed onto the nearest ship we found and quickly subdued all aboard. We left one of the crew alive and conscious so he could assist us with flying the ship.

With Verne and our captive gith at the helm, we have taken to the air to get Kada’ne and his crystal key. Madmartigan is already hard at work renaming our captured vessel. I am sure that “Flightorious” is not a word, but it seems like he enjoys variations on a theme.

Madmartigan's Journal, Book Two, Page 17
Arrrr you ready?

So I guess I’m a pirate captain now. An air pirate captain. We just took out the crew of a bad Gith airship and, assuming we don’t have to crash this one into an army, I’ve tentatively dubbed it “Madmartigan’s Manse Flightorious”. The name might need work…
We took one of the mooks hostage and he and Verne are piloting this magnificent hunk of wood after the admiral’s ship, cuz that pussy started running soon as we busted in the joint. We’re catching up, though. His time has come. Hell, maybe we’ll take his ship, too and I’ll start a fleet, give Ithyk his own boat…

Madmartigan's Journal, Book Two, Page 16
Admiral Candy-ass
Some Grand Admiral is our new target. He has the key to the magic well place we took over, so we’re going to need to take it from him, forcefully I’m sure.

Hold on…
Sorry, we just killed a bunch of evil Gith and some giants and stuff. Eachthigrn says I’m doing well, wiping out all these evil fey dicks, so bonus. Kage says this Admiral’s name is Admiral Candy. It’s something like that, but I keep saying Candy because I think it’s frustrating Kage, which is funny.
Anyway, gotta knock on Candy’s door and shove my sword up his ass.

The Way of the Bat: Justice Tempered in Darkness – Chapter 5, Part: 4 (EXCERPTS)

Verne’s tutelage in the workings of the Well included the fact that with one of the three known crystal keys, we would be able to stop the gith from using the teleportation network. And we would be able to use it for ourselves. The three keys were held by the Emperor, Grand Marshal Cy’zarr, and Grand Admiral Kada’ne. We quickly decided that the admiral would be the most easily accessible target.

Grand Admiral Kada’ne would be at Garaitha’s Anvil, the main mooring for the githyanki astral fleet. Over one hundred other warriors gathered at the well to stage a frontal assault on the anvil. They would distract the majority of the gith, so that we would be able to teleport deep inside the facility and attack.

We were teleported to the southern mooring. We fought several gith warriors who were stationed by the lower ships. We were able to best all of them and continue into the base. Working together, we were able to avoid any other distractions and move through the facility to the northern gate. On the other side of the gate was the admiral, but we needed to first clear the path. Ahead of us was a large group of gith supported by many fire giants.

We were able to cut our way through the enemy’s ranks and eventually all Admiral’s gate guards fell to Madmartigan’s Men (and Ithyk). Ahead, the admiral waits with what will soon be our crystal key…

We are unstoppable

We continue to slaughter all who stand before us. I’ve ended our last few fights with hardly a scratch on me. I taunt my foes to hit me but they are too afraid of Ithyk and Martigan.

We made our way to the throne and bested its guardian. I struck the beast with such precision and strength as I’ve never done before. Even as we wade through worthless enemies, I still grow stronger.

I plan on using this strength to avenge my people. The angel men we saved are doing a ritual to find those responsible for enslaving and betraying my people. When I find out who, I will kill every last one of them and everyone they work with.

The gith and the betrayers will regret the day they crossed paths with Mad Martigan`s Men.

The Way of the Bat: Justice Tempered in Darkness – Chapter 5, Part: 3 (EXCERPTS)

After our defeat of Chillreaver, the Coalition was able to repel the Gith forces with the help of the people of Nefleus. Elisir Vale was safe from invasion, for the time being at least. The rest of our plane, however, was still in danger. We needed to find a way to ultimately triumph over the entire Gith force.

The Coalition was unable to continue using the Bitter Glass once the Gith discovered what they were doing with it. With the loss of the Bitter Glass, the Coalition decided to send Madmartigan’s Men and Ithyk to a long forgotten Githyanki temple. The last communications intercepted included mention of the place. It was our job to find out why they were so interested and to keep them from making any more headway in their campaign.

Fariex teleported us to the temple and we were greeted by Gith soldiers. The others proceeded with a forward attack. I separated from the group and went ahead to find out what I could. While I failed to learn anything of their purpose, I did dispatch several soldiers and learned how far they made it past the temple’s defenses.

I rejoined the group after they brought down some Fomorian painbringers. They were formidable-looking foes. I was sorry I missed it. The others had freed a prisoner, named Telanee. We learned from Telanee that this temple, Chandir, was built as a fortress to protect the last World Gate. The gates were powerful teleportation circles that allowed movement across the planes. When the former queen of the Gith was killed, this gate was hidden away. Telanee told us of the Well of the Worlds, which was another powerful teleportation device that connected several portals in multiple planes. The Githyanki were trying to merge the Well of the Worlds with the World Gate. Doing so would allow them to teleport anywhere in the multiverse.

We didn’t waste any time. We ran ahead to the center of the temple. There we found more Githyanki soldiers. We quickly dispatched them, and their leader. We freed several prisoners and let them leave, taking charge of the World Gate for the Coalition. We sent word back that we needed aid and Bejam arrived, leading a small party. Bejam was able to deduce the workings of the gate and suggested that we transport ourselves to the Well of the Worlds to take control of that, too.

We took some time to rest, and then teleported to the temple that contained the Well of the Worlds. We immediately found ourselves facing off against some kind of spectral guardian when we arrived. We were able to kill it without too much trouble, and then moved onward into the temple.

The temple was guarded by several giants, and other, smaller creatures that could phase in and out of our reality. We fought our way through them. I was, at one point, pulled into some kind of pocket realm by one of them, where I had to fight it one on one. That turned out to be a miscalculation on the creature’s part. While the disorientation of travel made my first attack miss, the second one did not, and with the beast’s death I returned to the spot where I left.

We made it to the well. It was in the center of this area that seemed to defy logic in its construction. We quickly realized we were in the Astral Sea. Powerful magics were at work here. Bound to a throne was a giant. He ordered us to leave and when we did not some kind of guardian was summoned. The others fought the guardian, while I tried to take on the giant. It was my hope that killing the giant would allow us to control the well, and the guardian. The others were quick in defeating the guardian, though, and with its death we found that the giant had not been threatening us as much as he had been warning us. We were able to free him from the throne and he offered us some help in understanding the well. He spoke at length with Verne on the principles of planar travel.

With these powerful assets now out of the Githyanki’s reach, the Coalition’s position is suddenly looking much stronger. Let’s hope we can begin to turn the tide of this war.

Madmartigan's Journal, Book Two, Pages 14 & 15

I’m sick of temples. I’m fucking up to here with them. The next stop in crushing the evil Gith attack on the world (I know, right? When did my life get so ridiculous?) was some far-off temple we were teleported to, kicked a bunch of ass in and saved. Or seized. I’m unclear which. It was a temple full of evil Gith, being attack by other evil Gith, because they worshipped different evil Gith. Yea, I don’t know either. Anyway, we freed the original E.G. after we defeated the regular E.G. and they shjowed us how to contact the Well of the Worlds, which is some fancy fucking place where you can teleport to lots of other places.
I’m told that would be of strategic importance. I was just thinking I could finally realize my dream of banging four chicks from four countries in one day! Shit yea!
So we teleported (again) to the Well, killed some shadowy guardian things, killed some blinky guardian things, a couple giants and another shadowy guardian thing. Then we freed the giant chained to a throne by light under the Astral Sea and now he’s explaining to Verne in some weird language how planar transportation theory or some shit works. Verne keeps feeding me details, even though I keep asking him not to.
When did my life get so ridiculous?


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