Scales of War

The Way of the Bat: Justice Tempered in Darkness – Chapter 6, Part: 2 (EXCERPTS)

We fought our way towards the area where the Separatists had barricaded themselves. As we approached the wall we were met by some of the Emperor’s more experienced soldiers. They tried to threaten and demoralize us, but their words lacked any sting. Tired of dragging out the inevitable, we rushed into battle. The soldiers were more seasoned than many of the githyanki we had fought along the way, but they still fell before the might of Madmartigan’s Men and Ithyk.

During the battle with the Emperor’s soldiers, some of the Separatists had gathered atop the barricade to watch the fight. As they continued to watch us while we walked towards them, they had a great view of an even more dramatic show.

We were still a few dozen feet from the barricade when there was an explosive flash of light. As our eyes refocused we were standing before several devils who were accompanied by angels in the service of Tiamat. The devils were Lord Dispater’s personal guard. Dispater sent an aspect of himself to collect Gith and punish us for taking her from his tower. The Separatists atop the barricade did not hide their shock and fear of Dispater’s entourage, but we are Madmartgan’s Men, and while some of us may have felt a bit more reticence than we have in a long time, we all stood strong.

The devils and Tiamat’s angels were a lot more to handle than the Emperor’s guard. I flew into the group and started dashing between them. I started pummeling them as quickly as I possibly could. Ithyk, Tzolek, and Madmartigan rushed the front line while I darted around the back of the group. Kage and Verne were helping us maintain control of the fight and soon we started taking down devils and angels one by one. After several heated moments, no one stood between us and the barricade.

One thing is for sure, the Separatists will definitely listen to whatever we have to say after seeing that fight.

Madmartigan's Journal, Book Two, Page 22

We found Gith, all frozen in glass, and made it back to the ships. Max the devil was waiting for us and broke her out, distributed some presents and sent us on our way.
We flew into the heart of the battle between the Separatists and the Coalition, dogged by Gith ships and dragons. Kage was at the helm, doing fine, but I got a sudden inspiration so I pushed him out of the way, took control (like I do) and smashed that big ship right into a whole fucking squad of ugly Gith shit heads.
A bunch rushed out to meet us while they started bombarding us with big explody weapons. The kid ran up and started breaking them so I followed suit, smashing through them while the men (and Ithyk) killed the troops. I kept an eye on them over my shoulder, throwing them thumbs ups as they totally destroyed everything that moved.
It’s what we do and we’re damn good at it.

The Way of the Bat: Justice Tempered in Darkness – Chapter 6, Part: 1 (EXCERPTS)

The Iron Tower’s prison was a twisting maze, rife with tall towers and jagged spikes. We dispatched a small patrol of devils and continued our search for Gith’s cell. We quickly realized such a search could take years. We decided to try and find the warden, hoping he would know the location of the cell. After questioning a few inmates, we found the warden.
While the warden didn’t know where Gith was, he did know of a hidden cell that he was ordered to stay away from. We destroyed the warden, and his guard, and found the hidden room. Inside the room was Gith, frozen inside of magical glass. We grabbed her and teleported away using the magic that the devil had given us.

When we returned to our ships, we found them both fully repaired. The devil freed Gith from the glass case. She was alive, but very weak. She fell into a deep sleep almost immediately.

The devil told us that the githyanki army was fighting both the Separatists and the Coalition, but the two forces had not yet been able to join together to fight the githyanki forces. If we were able to bring Gith to the Coalition, then the Separatists would almost assuredly join the Coalition.

We boarded both the ships and left the foul, hellish plane. Our githyanki captive was able to help us get the ships to Tu’narath. The city was huge and there seemed to be fighting everywhere.

The Separatists were cornered in the middle of the city. We decided to help them first.
There were a few githyanki ships that started following us and trying to take us down. We tried to outmaneuver them, taking the ships down closer to the buildings and weaving around obstacles, while returning fire when they were in range. We finally reached the center of the city and Madmartigan brought his ship right down on a large group of githyanki fighters. It was the kind of entrance that Madmartigan’s Men and Ithyk are becoming legendary for.

We got off the ships and were greeted by Red Dragon Knights and other githyanki troops. They thought that their guns would help them, but I rushed in behind the forward troops and began working on disabling the guns. Madmartigan quickly followed and so I dove back into the fray fighting the troops. Ithyk, Verne, Tzolek and Kage plowed in from the front. Tzolek whipped himself up into a frenzy and started smashing through a bunch of the githyanki foot soldiers while I focused on the ones I thought were in charge.

In the end, they ended up like everyone else who has been foolish enough to stand against Madmartigan’s Men and Ithyk.

Madmartigan's Journal, Book Two, Page 21
The detail's in the devil

This place is a prison. These people aren’t my friends. Except for my friends, who are. My friends.
Sorry, feeling a bit turned around because of the epic fucking scope of this prison. We managed to find the warden, a big ugly mother with a scorpion tail. The men & I (and Ithyk) laid him and his goons to waste after Verne pried some little secret right out of his brain.
That guy creeps me out sometimes…
Oh, wait, I have nothing to be worried about concerning Verne. Why did I ever think I did.
Wait… What?

Madmartigan's Journal, Book Two, Page 20
Like a Goldhaven whore after Harvest Day

I am sick. A overly talkative devil (which seems to be a trend) gave me something way worse than I’ve ever had before, and I’ve caught alot of diseases from alot of trim. On the upside, I did choke the devil.
No, that’s not a euphemism.
He was backed up by a small hoard of undead outside the gates to the prison we’re currently breaking in to.

Sorry, just puked everywhere. Sorry about that stain, baby.

Where was I? I’m having trouble focusing. Just need to keep moving, keep killing until the job is done.
I got this.

The Way of the Bat: Justice Tempered in Darkness – Chapter 5, Part: 8 (EXCERPTS)

We came upon golems made of reinforced brass. They attempted to pummel us but we handily defeated them. Continuing onward we found a gigantic open hall. The area was packed with the souls of the damned. They were torturing each other in gruesome ways. We made our way through the crowds of wailing and broken bodies.

At the far end of the hall we came to a large brass gate. The gate was guarded by some kind of devil and a group of undead. A balor was among the undead serving the devil. The devil tried to convince us that all we were doing was pointless, and that we still had not even entered the real prison. We refused to give in to the devil’s taunts, and with that the fight began.

During the battle a few of the other men were sickened by some kind of magical disease the devil unleashed on them. While we were victorious in the end, the fight taxed some of the members of the group quite a bit. We were hoping to get through this prison without needing to rest, but we may not have many more battles in us before we need to take a break.

After defeating the devil and his undead minions, we entered the prison through the large gate. After seeing what was outside the prison, I feel a morbid, and anxious, curiosity regarding what we will find inside it.

A question of morality.
And whether I have any.

Our benefactor has provided us with a couple of rather impressive gifts now. At first glance this seems like a very beneficial partnership. We both stand to gain quite a bit from the outcome of all of this, and if one were to jump to any sort of conclusions, it would seem like a prolonged connection would be even better. Gaining gifts of both power and wealth could certainly swing the tide of such a long, drawn out battle to our favor. And every moment of time people spend not on a battlefield will save more lives than could truly be counted. On both sides. And I, more than any other among us, know the true value of even one moment.

However, from my own stand point, such a deal is beyond the realm of possible. For when all that is left of a man is his soul, how can he, in good conscience, give it up so willingly?

Madmartigan's Journal, Book Two, Page 19
Wheeeee! Plop! Bubble hiss!

I’m finally free of that nagging bitch. Max the devil came back to lay out the prison break plan for us. Sounds half cocked, which means it’s perfect for us. After we got all the details down here pulled me aside and mentioned that any incredibly cold things I might possess would almost certainly melt were I to drop them in the lake of lava we would be flying over, and to do be careful. I don’t know how he knew I had Her with me, but I’m grateful for the tip. As we were fighting the lava bubbles that attacked us I “accidentally” let Her slip from around my neck. She knew it was coming, but too late to do anything about it other than scream for a second until she was plummeting to the lava, where I boiled up for a second and then was still. I took a hit while watching Her melt, but it was completely worth it. Sweet, sweet silence. Now it’s just me and my good ideas in my head.
Oh, we killed some damned king too. That was neat.

The Way of the Bat: Justice Tempered in Darkness – Chapter 5, Part: 7 (EXCERPTS)

The devil returned the following morning (I think it was morning. It was difficult to tell.) He laid out his plan for us. We were to enter the Iron Tower of Dis, arguably the most impenetrable fortress in all the planes of the multiverse, to find Gith. Dispater had apparently locked Gith up among the common prisoners in the lower levels of the tower. All we needed to do was get into the tower, get to Gith’s cell and free her, and then teleport back to the ships with her before Dispater discovered what we were doing. Our devilish benefactor used some kind of sorcery to give us wings made of icy shadow, allowing us to fly over the Burning Sea, which roiled with churning lava.

As we flew towards the tower I was able to make out the cave that the devil had told us about; the one that would allow us entry into the tower. We were flying towards it when animate orbs of lava launched themselves at us from the molten fire below. They lashed out at us with great explosions of fire, but we were able to beat them into submission. Ithyk’s potpourri of odors then included the pungent smell of singed hair. Marvelous.

We touched down on the black volcanic sands that made up the shore and were attacked by fire elementals. While we were beginning to look like we mine coal for a living, we were nonetheless successful in snuffing out the fire elementals. We made our way into the Cave of Snurre.

Kage, who had already been enjoying our time in Dis far too much, told us of a king named Snurre. Snurre was a fire giant who had managed to put together a large force and terrorize a huge area centuries ago. Many stories were told of him, but Kage recalled that he was eventually defeated and cast into the underworld. Rumors persisted of his final punishment, but no one knew for sure.

We were able to find out the truth. Snurre and several of his followers were in one of the passages below the tower. We found the king seated on his twisted throne and briefly tried to make conversation, but a fight broke out almost immediately. The king, his followers, and their hounds all rushed in to attack us. Working together and utilizing some smart maneuvering, we were able to defeat them all. Snurre fell once again.

With the king’s broken and bloodied body behind us, we continued upward, further into Dispater’s lair.

The anatomy of a set-up

It is quite clear that our current “assistant” will turn on us before this is over. That this fact is evident to others in our party actually came as something of a shock. Or it would have, if I still retained such faculties.
My efforts to travel back and remove this threat before it actually became one has failed. It appears that time does indeed stand still within this realm. I shudder to think that this may have been my fate so many years ago, had I not possessed the sheer force of will to deny such beings the pleasure of my unending torture. Still, this wolf in ill fitted sheep’s clothing must be removed from The Timeline, and our quest be brought back on track before everything comes unravelled.


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