Broken man, haunted past. Last of his kind.


I once belonged to a barbarian tribe that kept watch over several small villages in Blazestone. The people took to calling us the Pillars of Blazestone, a name most us were indifferent to. We cared little for the people or what they thought of us, we protected them because we loved the thrill of battle and few monsters are eager to chase difficult prey. Life was hard but simple and we loved it, that us until everything changed without any warning at all.

I went to bed and when I woke up I was in a cage along with the rest of my tribesman. We had been abducted and were meant to spend the rest of our lives fighting for the entertainment of others. As much as we enjoyed our time in the arena we equally hated our time outside of it. We were hardly given enough food to survive and the quality of it barely passed as edible. One by one I saw the rest of my tribe die. Escape attempts gone wrong, carelessness in the arena, and some even stopped eating and let themselves die. I refused to give up hope and fought every fight as hard as I could in hopes of earning my freedom or finding a chance at actually escaping. I had almost given up hope until I met Ithyk.

I saw determination and fighting spirit in him that mirrored myself and knew we would escape together. Both of us were crowd favorites, so in an attempt to kill one or both of us were pitted against a dozen men. I charged off with reckless abandon confident in his skill to protect my flank. When the fight was over the crowd was cheering for us. Because of fear of our popularity and not wanting our deaths to be outside the arena we were pitted against each other in our next fight. I wanted to know who would win a fight between us but not like this, and not to the death. As I was lamenting this, Ithyk lay down his weapon and I followed suit. The crowd was furiously disappointed until a beast was let loose in the ring. We survived the fight and the beating to follow by the narrowest of margins but we survived. As did my hopes for escape.

The day finally came that we escaped, along with the help of one of our jailers and some other gladiators. We all traveled together for a short time but eventually it ended up being just me and Ithyk. We will continue to search for fellow adventurous spirits and find situations where we can ply our trade.


Scales of War Suldren