Thanoril Elseweyr


I was found on the road west of the city of Overlook next to a cart that had obviously been attacked by bandits or orcs. They were merchants, the ones who found me. The merchants brought me to a monastery hidden away in the Stonehome Mountains. They travel to the monastery once every year to trade necessary supplies to the monks in exchange for some unique items that the monks craft: weapons, tapestries, robes and other textiles. Most of the monks pursue artistic endeavors in addition to their meditation and training.

I was little more than a year old when the merchants brought me to the monastery, or so the monks have told me. The monks practice the Way of the Stone Fist, and their order is The Order of the Enduring Mountain. The monks took me in and cared for me. They named me after an elf who was a master in their order hundreds of years ago. When I was a few years old, they began training me in their ways. I studied the Way of the Stone Fist for nearly twenty years before I decided to undergo the Rite of the Rolling Boulder. The Rite of the Rolling Boulder is something that members of the order can undertake if they so choose. Like a rock that is loosed from its perch high on the mountain, I, too, have left my home high in the mountains. I shall travel the world and test myself against the treacherous dangers and vile temptations that populate the world outside the monastery’s walls. I have recently arrived in Brindol, after spending a few weeks in Overlook.

I could have spent the rest of my days in the monastery, but something about the outside world has always called to me. My master has told me that it was fate which delivered me upon the doorstep of the monastery, but I have always felt like it was nothing more than simple luck. I often wonder what would have happened if the merchants brought me to Overlook instead of the monastery. Who would I be? What would I be doing? I need to see the world outside these walls and judge for myself where I should be, where this boulder should finally come to rest.

Thanoril Elseweyr

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