A great warrior, and a swordsman!


A dashingly handsome man, who’s greatest love in life is just a blanket away. Madmartigan is also a decent hand with a sword, though if you believe the rumors a bit of a dirty fighter as well. He isn’t shy about making his opinions known, which can come off grating if you don’t know him. Or even if you do.
He always seems to do the “right” thing despite himself, though. Help out a little guy in need, for example.
Oh, and he’s got a soft spot for babies, but he’ll run you through if you so much as suggest it to him…

Leader of the newly-founded Madmartigan’s Men (& Ithyk), based out of Madmartigan’s Manse Victorious (formerly Castle Rivenroar)
(The symbol of Madmartigan’s Men)


Madmartigan is a sword for hire, indeed the greatest swordsman in the Vale. Or, at least, he’s certainly destined to be. A witch predicted it to be so upon his birth! Or, so his mum told him at night to placate him. Course, she also told him his da was a great sorcerer king in a far away land, which, when you look at it now, seems at least a wee bit improbable as Madmartigan has not a touch of magic in him.
But who’s to say he’s not destined to be the greatest swordsman the Vale’s ever seen? And if he needs to deliver a few low blows to get an edge on his enemies, then so be it. No one said anything about being fair & great, after all.

Theme song: All That Remains- Become the catalyst


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