Kage the Black

With a rakish smile on his lips and his visious looking bouzouki in his hands, this tiefling looks ready to cause some mayhem.


The Tiefling known as Kage the Black started his life as a simple musician. He possessed a powerful love for music and wanted, in his own words, nothing more than to be the single greatest musician in the entire history of forever. He was, in fact, very skilled in the musical arts, but many people found that his unerring exuberance paired with his vulgar vocabulary was less than agreeable when put to song. Kage became desperate to improve his skills and in the end resorted to simply summoning a devil and trying to take the easy way out. The devil, whose name was Glasrael, was delighted to discover that while Kage had deviously cunning mind and the ability to absorb vast amounts of knowledge, he also possessed a complete inability to follow any action to its logical conclusion and a general lack of judgement. In short, he was an idiot. Glasrael proposed a simple deal. He would grant Kage the power to tie potent destructive magic into his songs, summon Glasrael’s power into his own body, and fill others with dangerous infernal energy in exchange for Kage’s immortal soul. Kage didn’t think twice, and in-fact may not have even thought once, about taking the deal. With his new hell given abilities, Kage set out in search of adventure, women, and glory!

Theme song: Tenacious D/The Metal

Paragon theme song: Tenacious D/Wonderboy

Kage the Black

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