Minotaur Shaman


Eudelon is a 24-year-old minotaur shaman. He is small for his kind, and weaker physically than most minotaurs, but he is strong-willed and has been the master of his beast for as long as he can remember. Though he is not particularly quick-witted or clever, he has a wisdom born of long consideration, and he tends not to jump to conclusions or rush to judgment, nor is he prone to rash action. He is still a minotaur, however, so he is forceful, sometimes stubborn, and fierce when roused to anger.

His clan always found his small size and easy self-control slightly alien, and there were quiet grumblings about mixed heritage, among other things. As a result, Eudelon was always a solitary youth, and spent a great deal of his time in the forest. By his late teens, he was already familiar with the ways of the spirits of nature, and left his people to learn more about the world when he was 20.

Eudelon finds the company of many of the more primal races pleasant, elves particularly, and the more in-tune they are with the natural world, the more comfortable he is with them. Alliance to a shared cause and proven loyalty can overcome his discomfort with more civilized (or uncivilized but city-dwelling) individuals.


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