Emperor Zetch'r'r

The usurper, leader of the githyanki war



Emperor Zetch’r’r is the current ruler of the githyanki. He is middle aged for a githyanki and has been sitting on the Throne of Gith for the past 20 years. Zetch’r’r is tall and regal, often wearing black battle armor and always has the black crown of the Lich Queen on his brow. He is a powerful warrior and accomplished wizard, wielding a scepter of Tiamat and an ancient silver sword.

Little is known about Zetch’r’r’s origin, but he was one of the top generals of Queen Vlaakith CLVII and whispered to be a member of the Shasal Khou, a sect of githyanki that seek to reunite the githyanki and githzerai…no matter what the cost in blood. He is well known for manipulating the assassination of the Lich Queen by using a group of heroes from the material plane to stop her apotheosis ritual.

At the Lich Queen’s death, Zetch’r’r was the most powerful of the githyanki nobles and seized the Throne. In spite of this, it took almost two decades for him to bring the other githyanki generals under his heel. He is now the undisputed ruler of the githyanki and is backed by scores of dragons and devils. With this power he has turned his eye to the material plane looking for plunder and conquest.


Emperor Zetch'r'r

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