Scales of War

To the Temple of the Enduring Mountain, from Thanoril Elseweyr - Second Letter

Master Ardax,

I am writing this from within the walls of Castle Rivenroar itself. We have taken time to rest after several battles with the goblins, hobgoblins, and other monsters inhabiting this ancient castle.

We have rescued some of the missing townsfolk. They were being held prisoner, and as near as we can tell, were to be offered to whatever undead monstrosities lurk below the castle. The hobgoblins and goblins have apparently forged an alliance with undead in their attempt to take on the mantle of the Red Hand of Doom. After our brief respite, we must push ahead as quickly as possible to save the remaining townspeople.

My training has served me well so far; but should I fail in this endeavor, Master, I hope this letter finds you somehow. Perhaps others will take up our quest should we fail and will see that this letter is delivered to you. If we do succeed, I shall send it by courier once we return to Brindol.

Strength and focus, Master.



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