Scales of War

The Way of the Bat: Justice Tempered in Darkness – Chapter 9, Part: 4 (EXCERPTS)

With Bahamut restored to life we were allowed some time off while he recuperated and restored his court to order. The others took to their normal vices. I spent the nights patrolling the streets of Sayre and checking on Madmartigan and the others from time to time to make sure their revelries didn’t get too out of hand.

And then in the afternoon one day spotters glimpsed a dragon approaching. We stepped out to meet the dragon, a silver dragon with gleaming scales. It was clear that he didn’t really appreciate us, or his assignment of bringing us to Bahamut, but he brought us to Bahamut all the same. Madmartigan certainly enjoyed the fact that the dragon was annoyed. The dragon brought us before Bahamut, whose forces had laid siege to the City of Brass.

Bahamut greeted us and began discussing plans for our attack on Tiamat. Tiamat, still reeling from failing to actually kill Bahamut, was apparently hiding out with the efreets of the City of Brass. And so it fell to Madmartigan’s Men and Ithyk to sneak inside the city through the warrens beneath it. Somewhere in the tunnels there is a portal that will allow us to enter the city. A larger force would be unable to sneak in, but the size of our group, and our experience in such matters, made us the perfect choice for this task. The situation was complicated by whatever bargain Tiamat had made with the Lord of the Efreets. We would need to enlist the aid of the efreets themselves. The efreets respect strength and pride, so we would have no trouble with that part… hopefully.

We were all ready to depart immediately and so we returned to the Aspect of Bahamut that had brought us from Sayre and he begrudgingly sent us on our way.

Inside the tunnels below the city we encountered more of the ominous red ore we had seen before in areas tied to the Elemental Chaos. A strange howling wind was blowing and, unsurprisingly, the tunnels were inhabited. We faced off against a few slaads and their minions. We were able to handily defeat them without much trouble. And so we continued onward in search of the portal that would take us inside the city.



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