Scales of War

The Way of the Bat: Justice Tempered in Darkness – Chapter 9, Part: 3 (EXCERPTS)

Too late to intercept Dakranad at Bahamut’s Palace, we rushed to Moradin’s Forge to get the Creation Spark. We arrived to find the forge guarded by a Storm Titan who, as legend has it, was defeated by Moradin in the Dawn War. Moradin had put the titan to service as his personal guard. It took some convincing from all of us, but we were able to talk the titan into standing aside rather than fighting us. That doesn’t happen very often.

Inside the forge we found a very powerful hydra; Moradin had more surprises than just the titan. The hydra lashed out at us. It was joined by some constructs that one would expect to find in Moradin’s temple. We were able to defeat them all fairly quickly. And the temple was otherwise deserted.

Deeper in the temple we found the Holy Forge. An aspect of Moradin greeted us. He told us that while he believed we had noble intentions, we had been deceived. After explaining Dispater’s manipulation of Dakranad at length, and informing him of all we had discovered along our journey, Moradin’s aspect became furious that he had also played into the plans of Dakranad and Dispater. He gave us the Creation Spark and wished us luck against Dakranad.

With the Spark, we only needed to confront Dakranad, rescue Amyria, and restore Bahamut. We quickly flew to the top of the peak from where the bridge stretched into a wall of golden fire. Dakranad was waiting for us, and Amyria was lying by his feet. Behind Dakranad, guarding the way across the bridge, stood a large angel who stood there armed with a sword that shone with the same golden fire that stretched across the bridge. Dakranad was arguing with the angel as we stepped onto the bridge. Dakranad turned to face us and demanded the Creation Spark. He claimed he needed it to “save the world” by taking Bahamut’s place.

The rage that had built up in all of us along the way to this point was unleashed. Tzolek and Ithyk especially, having been forced to restrain their attacks on so many of the angels we encountered, and furious at Dakranad’s betrayal, howled with fury as they charged towards Dakranad. I was able to rush ahead and hurl Dakranad towards the angel, who attacked Dakranad for attempting to cross the bridge. Madmartigan’s Men and Ithyk closed in, putting Dakranad in the center of a whirlwind of attacks. Dakranad barely mustered a defense against our attacks and quickly fell. I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen Tzolek or Ithyk as delighted at an enemy’s fall as I did in that moment.

With Dakranad no longer a threat, we were able to convince the angel that we were working to restore Bahamut. The angel allowed us to continue and we used the Creation Spark to awaken Amyria. She now understood that Bahamut had secretly hidden his spirit inside her in order to protect himself. She needed to carry the spark through the golden fire which would allow her to sacrifice herself to resurrect Bahamut.

We said our final goodbyes to Amyria and then watched as she walked across the bridge and disappeared into the golden fire. The moments seemed to pass painfully slowly, but then Bahamut emerged from the fire, reborn in all his glory. Bahamut thanked us for rescuing him from death and protecting Amyria.

With Bahamut restored, our attention now shifts toward Tiamat…



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