Scales of War

The Way of the Bat: Justice Tempered in Darkness – Chapter 9, Part: 2 (EXCERPTS)

Following the attack on the temple we quickly regrouped and decided that our first priority had to be trying to rescue Amyria. With that in mind we decided to head straight to the Platinum Palace, where Bahamut’s former throne was now occupied by Dakranad.

When we reached the palace it was filled with devils and some angels who had once served Bahamut. We showed mercy to the angels once again, but we gave no quarter to the devils. After tearing through the initial opposition, we rushed further into the palace. We found a chamber that was filled with the slain golden priests of Bahamut. The seven golden dragons had been visciously murdered and callously left on the chamber floor. Seeing the raw evidence of Dakranad’s corruption was infuriating, but we pressed on.

We reached the main palace and found Dispater himself, as well as some of his guards. Dispater took the opportunity to rub in our faces how fully he was able to turn Dakranad against Bahamut, and how he was able to slay Bahamut’s seven gold dragon priests. When Dispater spoke of successfully stopping the resurrection of Bahamut we interjected. He had not yet succeeded in that goal. After offering Dispater a chance to flee, he made a counter-offer that we could not agree to. The inevitable battle broke out and spanned the chamber.

The battle against Dispater and his guards was brutal, but Madmartigan’s Men and Ithyk were victorious. The Lord of Dis fell before us like so many before had, and with his loss we see hope in our further success. We need to stop Dakranad. We need to rescue Amyria. We need the Spark from Moradin’s forge.

We need to bring back Bahamut.



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