Scales of War

Musings of a Murderous Mind pt 2

There was a crowned man, he had bled long ago. I make him bleed his black now he is hollow. He took his face off, I was surprised, it was not good. Weird when I don’t do it to him. There were lots of bone things in the room, they don’t stay dead. They gave everyone a hard time, they hurt Tzolek bad. I took crowned man’s ribs and split them open, the musk of his centuries filled my lungs, his victories gave me whispers. I ate the thoughts and left the skin.

Madman think he has castle, hyehehehehaaheehee. He funny. Ithyk name castle instead but funny Madman talks and makes me think of more. I tired of listening. I read the guts tomorrow, they will tell me the name and it will leave my tongue and it will burn all thoughts. Heyeha ahyeheheh.



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