Scales of War

Musings of a Murderous Mind


Hyeheh yeheh ha ah. Sun is blood. I take new packmates now. They are good. Tzolek seem to like them a lot, so I take them. I don’t like armor man, I can’t hear his blood, his skin doesn’t hold it. He made himself parts then made himself again, but there was no blood in it. Ghost-thing. He makes things disappear.


Horn face good though. His blood burns and he makes good noise. Heyah hayaehehah… he play bzuk, sound like Tzolek. He’s tiny though but makes loud noise. Heehyah hehe yeh.

Bull head quiet. Blood quiet too. Bull head owns a ghost thing that is not Ghost-thing. Bull head is Bull Head.

Madman Ithyk likes. He pisses them off, he’s funny. Its good. He needs me in front cause he pisses off too many. He’s small too. Makes me laugh.

Ear point has grinding blood. He’s like a bird though, he moves weird. It good though. I hope his bones don’t snap. He doesn’t smell like much either, just skin. Do ear points sweat? He doesn’t pant. Don’t know.

Man talked to us, asked us to get rulliks, Ear point knows what they are. Horn face tried to know, but he didn’t say anything good. Tzolek tells me I can bleed things though when we look for rulliks so I let us go. Can taste new bloods and then I can know. Heyeyeh ahyeheh heyehehee.



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