Scales of War

Madmartigan's Journal: Book Three, page 6

Pissing off the Gods, for Justice!

So we stormed the angel island, beat the piss out of several of them, and then proceeded to break a bunch of ancient Godly seals to steal a super charged arrow, all while a Titan approached, bent on killing us all. In other words, my day has been fucking amazing.
We used the Exodus knife to buy us a little rest time and I finished the last of the head Eachthigrn told me to eat last night.
I woke up big. Like, Ithyk big. My clothes were all ripped to shreds and my swords all look tiny in my hands, not a problem I’m used to. I made some quick adjustments to my armor so it didn’t look like I borrowed my little brother’s leathers, and ate most of our food stores. I’m still hungry, but not ravenous anymore. I guess this is what Eachthigrn was talking about. I hope I don’t get bigger. On the upside, Mr. Pokington stayed the same size. He looks small on my new body, but if he was proportionate I might really hurt someone.
Apparently it’s clobbering time. I’ll check back in once we give this Titan a Roman War Helmet.



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