Scales of War

Madmartigan's Journal: Book Three, page 10

Reflections of Greatness

I find that I can no longer relax like I used to. Gone are the days of pleasures of the flesh. Women, food, fights and liquor no longer soothe the burning of my soul like doing good helping those in need!
Fooled you! Holy shit, did you buy all that uppity speech stuff? Man. We had a couple weeks off after saving Bahamut’s life and I screwed so many broads I’m surprised my dick didn’t fall off. Thank the gods for Mishak’s Penis Poultice.
Real talk for a minute: I’m fairly bummed by the loss of Amaryia. I know she needed to do what she did to save the B man, but still. It sucks.
Speaking of Bahamut, he summoned us to his chambers by way of his aspect, a pretty dope Silver dragon. He really seemed to like me, I think we’re besties now.
Bahamut told us Tiamat was holed up in the City of Brass with the efreets, so we zipped over there to kick some ass and show them how we’re all DTF.
So of course we have to go in through the sewers, which are full of elemental chaos and monsters. Time to get my grab &stab on.



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