Scales of War

Madmartigan's Most Intimate Private Thoughts: Keep Out!

Pages 2-3

Hey sweet thing.
Been a tough day. We’re at this Castle Rivenroar joint, fighting ten days worth of bad in less than one. Rescued some of the villagers, at least. Should help my legend grow in town. Free booze & loose women is all the reward I desire.
This gang of freaks I’m with are zany, to say the least. The talking animal, Ithyk, is as much of a beast in a fight as he looks. Just between you & I he’s saved my precious rear a few times now.
Kage is a constant source of amusement and a damn impressive musician, not that I’d tell him that to his face.
The dainty has been shooting me some funny looks. I don’t understand why a man wouldn’t want to be with women, but I don’t mind. More women for me, after all. I just don’t know how to tell the poor little guy that I’m not funny like that.
The armored fellow is actually some kind of ghost armor. Yeah, I don’t get it either.
So, we found some dragony things and a once-living she-bitch. I put them all down without a problem, of course. She-bitch seemed like she might have been hot once upon a time.
Oh, I found this sweet new necklace under a loose stone I fell on when I, uh, tripped in the last fight.
OK, just need to lay down for a second before we charge upstairs for more ass-kickery. Sorry about the blood…



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