Scales of War

Madmartigan's Most Intimate Private Thoughts: Keep Out!!

Page 19

Hey baby,
Things took a dark turn for me the other day. I propositioned a woman and she turned me down! Am I losing my machismo? I mean, we ended up screwing anyway, but that’s mostly thanks to these new magic glasses I bought. Am I getting rusty? I don’t know, dear journal, but it worries me.
You know what doesn’t worry me? Bad guys. We found out about some plot to kidnap & assassinate us so I came up with this amazing plan to pretend we were captured and have my boy Bart bring us in, catch them by surprise and take them out, collecting the reward money for ourselves.
In hindsight, maybe I shouldn’t plan capers when I’m in the bag. Ah well, it still worked out and my new littler buddy Bart made it out alive! I’m going to have to look that kid up when I get back to Overlook.
Oh, yea we’re back in Brinendol now. The council sent an urgent request for The Men & I (and Ithyk) to come be bad asses and save the fucking day. Nothing new there. We’ve just stopped off in Madmartigan’s Manse Victorious briefly to sleep in our own beds, then we make for the city at first light, or at least before midday. Can’t wait to hear what crazy shit we need to do next!



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