Scales of War

Madmartigan's Most Intimate Private Thoughts: Keep Out!

Pages 10-11

Hey baby, it’s Madmart—again. See what I did there?
I’ve had quite a day. We tracked down the creep Modra, along with some flunkies, a mean-ass witch and a bunch of ghosts. Guess what the difference between them and me is?
I’m still alive.
During the throw down with Modra and his ghost minions, the chicken-shit bastard tried to run through some portal. I ran up to him, put him in a devastating Madmartigan headlock, dragged his scrawny ass over to a pit, picked him up over my head and threw him in.
The spooky kid and Marbles climbed down and found pieces of him every. And that’s how Madmartigan fucking gets it done.
As we were sitting around, bandaging our few minor wounds, a couple of the men were knuckleheading around with the portal in the room and got their buns teleported. Of course I leapt in after them, only to find that we were all in the Shadowfell.
We found a big damn soldier encampment and, under the guise of mercenaries-for-hire, sized up the situation. Turns out Sarshan, the other nob we were looking for, had himself a mercenary army. Spooky kid found some secret way into his mountain volcano lair (I’m not kidding, dudes has a volcano lair) and we made our way in, killing everything that got in our way.
Now we’re about to take a secret tunnel into the lair proper. I’ll have to keep my eyes open for more mutated freak monsters. This is gonna be fun.



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