Scales of War

A Barbarian's musings part 2

My time spent being untouched in battle has come to an end, and I am grateful for it. I have started taking the lead with Ithyk to give the crazed human a break. I’ve never seen a human endure such punishment, and he still puts himself willingly in harms way. His spirit is admirable and I am glad to have him along with us. The two humans are my favorite new additions to our group.

The musician’s ability to inspire has made me more effective in combat than I’ve ever been before. His offering of a soul to his master makes me uncomfortable, along with his ability to transform. He doesn’t make me nearly as uncomfortable as the walking suit of armor and watching him explode and reform.

The minotaur’s clumsiness almost got him killed when he couldn’t even hold onto rope to cross a gap we encountered. The crazed human crossed with some style, much to my amusement. We have had several fights with the monsters that live in the castle. All but one of them we won easily, that one almost killed us all. The undead were so cold that just being near them drained our strength. Several of our companions had fallen and one of the creatures and it’s leader were what remained. I barely had the strength to stand and knew I couldn’t make it to the leader, so I put all my remaining energy into a throw of my sword. My gamble paid off as it struck her in the head, killing her. The look of surprise on her face reinvigorated me and I was able to stay standing as the last was defeated.

We are all exhausted from our travels and are in dire need of a rest but the group wants to continue on to find the last surviving villager. I care little either way for the villagers fate but I look forward to the challenge of fighting our enemies while pushing ourselves to our limits.



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