Scales of War

A barbarian's musings

It seems as though Ithyk and I are once again accompanied by other adventurers. We met our new companions when a group of goblins were foolish enough to attack us and our fellow patrons. We dispatched of them with relative ease.

As we brought the bodies outside we heard an explosion and saw an ogre carrying a cart. Inside the cart were some barrels and goblins. This fight proved somewhat of a challenge, thankfully the barrels were full of oil and the ogre accidentally lit them on fire.

After getting to know our new traveling companions I am very pleased. I have a good feeling that we will get along well and be a savage force of destruction to those who stand in our way.

The fully armored man’s powers confuse me. And the fact that I can’t see his face coupled with that of him never removing his armor make me uncomfortable around him. His ability to move others against their will is valuable at least.

Kage’s powers also mystify me. I never knew music could be used as a weapon. His discordant notes force our enemies to leave openings against me, so I’m glad he uses it.

Eudelon’s personality and attack style are not what I expected from a minotaur at all. I wonder if all minotaurs are like him or if he’s outside of their norm.

My favorite new additions are without a doubt the two humans. Thanoril fights with his bare hands! What’s more impressive is how devastating his attacks are. He fights with a fearlessness and prowess that would make any warrior proud. I look forward for the chance to spar with him when we have the time.

The other human, Madmartigan, is almost as impressive. His ability to draw enemies attention to him and impede their attacks is on par with Ithyk. I enjoy how he spends little time caring about the conventions that civilized people normally waste so much time on.

Who would have believed that Ithyk and myself would be able to join up with human versions of ourselves! Perhaps a team sparring session will be in order in the future. Until then I look forward to ripping apart enemies with them on the battlefield.

The strangest thing happened, two fights in a row ended without an opponent coming close to hitting me. This rarely ever happens in one battle, but I don’t think it ever happened twice in a row before. Ever. I suppose it is a testament to the skill of my fellow companions. I’m thankful for those foolish goblins timing. We may have all gone on our separate ways otherwise. Fortune smiled upon us all that day, and frowned on all who will be foolish enough to be our enemy.



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