Scales of War

4th Message to Glasrael

Kage stood on the hill overlooking the colossal war camp. He smiled to himself smugly and looked at Dio.
“poor suckers.” he said. Dio simply rolled his eyes as he sat on Kage’s shoulder. The imp was trying to ignore Kage and kept reading from his iron bound infernal text." I can’t wait anymore!" Kage announced. “I’m calling the boss!”
“Bad idea.” Dio muttered under his breath. If Kage heard him, he didn’t listen. He instead pulled out a vial of orc blood, dipped his finger in it and wrote the sigal of Glasrael on the ground. There was a sudden blast of brimstone and there, standing before Kage, was the devil Glasrael, in all of his infernal glory. Glasrael looked at Kage and frowned.
“Kage.” Glasrael began, his voice thick with irritation. “I thought I told you not to contact me directly anymore. You’re supposed to confer with the book imp.”
“Huh?” asked kage clearly confused. " The book imp? You mean Dio?" Dio turned to look at Glasrael and smiled over his spectacles,waving.
“Yes, whatever you call him.” Glasrael said exasperated. He sighed deeply and suddenly looked up. "Is that brimstone I smell?’ He glanced around and saw clouds of black, ash laden smoke float across the grey sky. Then he turned and saw the war camp. “Kage!” he said very alarmed “Did you summon me to Avernus?!?”
“Huh?” replied Kage, clearly dumb struck.
“Avernus! The First Hell!” Glasrael shouted. " You know I can’t go there! Lord Bel is still angry with me!"
“Oh, yeah.” Kage began. " This isn’t Baator. It’s somewhere in the Shadowfell."
“It isn’t?” Glasrael said looking around nervously. " Well ok. The Shadowfell? Why are you here?"
“Ummmm, we kind of got stuck. This dark one named Mordan sucked us into here after we tossed him down a chasm.”
“Why should you and your friends stupidity interest me Kage?”
“Cause we think there’s some kind of inter-planar war starting here.” Glasrael suddenly became very serious.
“I’m listening”
“Oh.” Kage said sounding a little shocked. “Ummmm, thats kind of all we know right now, but we’re going to try and talk to the guy in charge, Sarashan, and see what he’s planning on doing. Then if he has bad guy plans we’re going to kick his ass. At least, I think that’s the plan.”
“Hmmmmm…” Glasrael pondered as he stared off. " Sarashan you say?" Kage nodded enthusiastically. " Very well Kage, when you have more information contact me. This could prove useful." Glasrael looked Kage in the eye." make sure you dedicate some of the slain to our lord Asmodeus." And with that, Glasrael vanished into a puff of smoke.
“HA!” Laughed Kage as he looked at Dio. “Bad idea, huh? That sounded like the boss was glad to talk to me!” A giant grin stretched across Kages face as he puffed out his chest. Dio sighed again.
“If you say so boss. If you say so”



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