Scales of War

2nd Message to Glasrael

The ashes of the Nine Hells parted and Glasrael looked around.
“You’re here!” whispered Kage.
“Unfortunately.” growled Glasrael as he glanced about. “And, by the way, where is here?” Kage began waving his hands erratically.
SHHHHHH! My friends will hear you!”
" What?! They’re here?!" Glasrael’s talons extended as he looked around.
" They’re in the other room. I told them I had to pee."Said Kage proudly.
" Oh, well then what is it. I already gave you an enormous amount of knowledge for that Goblin soul. What else could you want? And where are we?!"
" Oh." said Kage as if reality had finally caught up to his brain. " We’re in the castle of Rivenroar. We’ve come to save people." A comical grin spread across Kage’s face.
" Save people? why are you doing that?" Glasrael asked, truly perplexed. Kage looked at him blankly as if Glasrael had just asking him the meaning of life. After blinking three times he answered.
" Cause that’s what heroes do." Glasrael winced and began rubbing his temples.
" Is that why you called me?" He asked sounding rather defeated.
" No, I wanted to show you what I’ve found while we were saving people,, which, by the way me and my allies are very good at. You should have seen the heroics! That awesome guy, Madmartigan, he just keeps taking hit after hit. Then the weird armored guy flew apart! Turns out he’s dead. I guess he’s possessing the armor bits or something. It’s pretty wild, oh, and using my magnificent music I have turned that guy Tzolyk into a real weapon. But the most amazing thing was when we fought the old, dead, lady of the castle. I mean this bitch was really tough, and wicked crazy but, as the amazing Ithyk was struck down, he hurled his axe into the dead girls head! it was amazing! Also I’m glad I have that minotaur Eudelon back me up cause these guys keep getting really hurt. Him and his ghost bear have been helping out a lot, and the elf, Thanoril, is a monster in battle, but I think he keeps checking out Madmartigan. I mean I get it, he’s amazing, but I’m here too. maybe he’s prejudiced against tieflings, or maybe…"
KAGE!!!” Glasrael shouted " WHY DID YOU CALL ME!?!" Again Kage blink at Glasrael looking truly dumbfounded.
" Oh, right." He began. " I found this!!!" Kage held out a magnificent looking Bouzouki. “This is totally proof that coming here was my destiny. Look at the quality! I deserve a instrument like this! And I’m going to call it….” Glasrael began shaking he head knowing he was about to be underwhelmed. “…….Monster Mash!!!!”



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